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  1. Criticize Brodeur Here

    There are 5 players on the ice besides Marty if they actually touched the puck at any point in the last 3 minutes before the game was tied Marty wouldnt have had to carry the team alone.
  2. Criticize Brodeur Here

    I'm not going to bother looking up the stats, but I promise you Roy never played with a D half this bad in front of him. Also thats simply a pointless stat, it doesnt take into account how either goalie actually performed or the quality of team they faced. We couldve beat Montreal this year with Gionta, and I mean Brian, in net.
  3. Criticize Brodeur Here

    Sweet point! Your right hes not human or anything. They were 2 awkward angle shots that nobody including Marty expected to come his way. He was also superb for the rest of this game and series. Without Marty we go down in 5. He kept us in this series against a younger, faster, and better team.
  4. Fire Brent Sutter, Broduer please retire

    USAkid if your gonna reply to posts try adressing the argument they make please.
  5. Criticize Brodeur Here

    Im tired of all you fvcking morons. Lets go Ill take you all on!
  6. Fire Brent Sutter, Broduer please retire

    I'd venture to say your an idiot. This team is simply too old and weak on the backline. How about some commentary besides your brainless "marty made the team bad" opinion. We played with Clemmenson because we were among the league leaders in scoring and if you havent noticed that pace has slowed drastically. Marty kept us in this series with clemmer we would have lost four straight after game one.
  7. Fire Brent Sutter, Broduer please retire

    If we trade brodeur this team wont even sniff the playoffs. This team is old and couldnt keep up with a much younger and faster hurricanes team late in games. Ill repeat myself yet again marty is a top 3 goalie in the league. he made 44 motherfuvcking saves less than a week ago. our d is pathetic and our powerplay is so pathetic it would be better if we could decline penalties like in the nfl.
  8. Fire Brent Sutter, Broduer please retire

    He also stood on his head during the 5 on 3. Marty is still a top 3 goalie in the nhl. I understand anger at this moment, but when you get your senses back if you really want marty to retire root for another team.
  9. Fire Brent Sutter, Broduer please retire

    fvck all of you. how can you forget a 44 save shutout so fast. our defense is a joke this had nothing to do with marty.
  10. buying tickets tuesday

    I am returning from college tuesday afternoon, but my plane is delayed about 90% of the time so I can't risk buying any of the available tickets online. Are there generally scalpers outside? How much would I end up paying? Thanks for the help. Let's hope theres many more games to go if I cant make this one!
  11. On the Bright Side

    This has been a bad enough day that it prompted me to join a forum and find somewhere to vent... but all is not lost. Gomez and Raflaski were both vastly overpayed and can be replaced by cheaper players. I think we should definatley sign Nylander and dont expect he will command too much money. Rather than spending 13 million on two players we can spread the money out and strengthen our defense.