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  1. NHL Board Authorizes Formal Expansion Process

    I would have top 2 teams from each division make it. They would play each other for division champ, 8 teams left. Then you would go to conference finals, 4 teams left. Final 4 would be seeded, either by regular season record, maybe playoff record.
  2. NHL Board Authorizes Formal Expansion Process

    I know it's been talked about in the past but what about 4 conferences, 8 divisions. I'd go with this: A Canadian Conference East Quebec Montreal Toronto Ottawa West Calgary Edmonton Winnipeg Vancouver Western Conference Div 1 Anaheim LA San Jose Las Vegas Div 2 Arizona Colorado Dallas Minnesota Atlantic Conference Metro Division NJ NYR NYI Philly Southern Division Washington Tampa Bay Florida Carolina Northern Conference Div. 1 Boston Buffalo Pittsburgh Columbus Div. 2 Detroit St. Louis Chicago Nashville I'd say go with creative conference/division names, maybe the Gretzky Conference for example. Each team would play: 6 games vs division 6x3=18 4 games vs other division 4x4=16 2 games vs other conference 2x24=48
  3. Just imagine a sold out rock full of devils fans

    I hate to say this but I've been to the Rock for 3 games and now have been to Nashville twice, the atmosphere in Nashville is great, inside and outside the arena. As a Tennessee resident now, I'm glad to see Nashville getting into hockey like they are. Problem with the Devils attendance right now is the area is still not up to par with a Nashville type area, great downtown arena with resturants, bars, etc. to draw the casual fans to games. Inside is great too, fans are really into it. It seems much different than the Rock. Maybe that's due some to the Fire and Ice lounges. But I'm no expert so I'm not sure how to increase the attendance except for the team to take ideas from other teams, it never hurts.
  4. Anyone know how to see the ceremony outside the NJ area? I have gamecenter live and emailed them, they said they cannot show any pre or post game coverage.
  5. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Nashville Predators

    Any go to the game on here? I did and there was a section, about 20 Devil fans, that were really loud, especially after the 2nd goal and got a Let's go Devils chant going. Possibly Devils fan club or something? With that said, Nashville is there to stay. I was so impressed by the atmoshere during and after the game. Fans are really into it, it's great to see. The bar scene afterwards is crazy to say the least, a live band in a bar every 20 feet it seemed. I've gone to Atlanta games before and it was dead compared to this.
  6. Kovalchuk

    I hope once Parise gets some time under his belt this year that he'll be double shifted as well as Kovy. He is always the one on the 4th line double shifting.
  7. April fools joke

    How about getting a text at work from my wife today with a picture of a positive pregnacy test, when I've already had a vasectomy.
  8. Tour of the Arena

    I took the tour before the season started. They are trying to see Season tix but it is well worth the tour. http://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=findpost&pid=938815
  9. 2011 Bridgestone Winter Classic

    Anyone know if the game will be streaming online? Maybe NHL.com or NBC.com?
  10. GDT-12/18/10 NJD Vs. Atlanta 7:00 PM

    What an embarrassment! Going to the game last night in Atlanta, I sat in the upper section behind the goal so I got to see a perspective I don't get to see on TV. Beside the Devils not even trying last night (with exceptions to a few), there gameplan needs to change. Watching the Devils send in 1 forward on the forecheck basically gives them free range to get into our zone. The defence hardly ever pinches, although they finally started to only after it was 4-0. Atlanta was so aggressive at both ends of the ice. With the post lockout era, it's time to look at changing the philociphy of this team. We still have skill. We have a lot of hope for the future. We need to trade our assets and others that won't help going forward (Arnott, Langs, Sal if healthy, Greene, etc.) We need to keep our core and hope to pull a Philly. We will also need a new coach as my alltime favorite Mac is just not cut out for this job. I really feel that this is a much needed wake up call for our franchise and we will come out of it a fresh and renewed team next year. LETS GO DEVILS!
  11. Great day at the Rock

    I've been a member on here for awhile but don't post much, but this deserved a mention. I'm originally from NJ but 10 years ago moved to Tennessee. I am up in NJ for my brother's wedding this weekend so of course I am going to a game, Mon. vs. Pitt (bachlor party in AC Friday night or I'd go to opening night) On the drive up Wed., my wife gets a call from the Devils season ticket office wanting to give us a tour of the Rock today, Thur. at 11am. Of course I'm like, hell yeah. So we get there and I'm thinking this is a tour with a bunch of other prospective season ticket buyers but it's was just my family (I've got 3 kids, 8, 5, 3 years old) We go in and they have the basketball court set up because the Nets have a preseason game tonight. The Nets were holding practice at the time so that was cool to see. We continue on the lower concourse and we are the only people there. As we go around the corner, we see Jeff Vanderbeek giving a tour. He introduced himself and was real nice. When we toured the resturant, we got to see the Devils practice for a bit which was cool. He led us downstairs and brought us to the Platinum lounge then onto the basketball court which the kids loved. We then went passed by the locker room and also got to talk with the zamboni driver, another plus for the kids. We then went into the practice rink after the Devils finished practice. The kids were running around, picking up pucks that went over the glass. The guy said each kid could keep one but the rest, he had to hold to give back to the practice manager. We then left the practice rink through these doors and there are a few reporters out there, I recoginzed Matt Loughlin and TG right away. Matt L. came up to us and introduced himself and chatted with us alittle. As I'm talking with him, the doors open, and hit my wife. It was Johnny Mac!!! He quickly apoligized as I'm standing there with my mouth wide open. He started chatting with the kids and I told my daughter I've got his name on my Devils jersey, which he said to my daughter "That shows that I'm getting old". The season ticket guy tried to give the extra practice pucks to Johnny Mac for some reason and he said let the kids have all of them, 8 pucks withe the Devils logo on them. We finally got done after an amazing visit. This season ticket guy brought us through the lounges, resturant, all aspects of the arena. He also held my kids jackets the whole time. I know that he's trying to sell us tickets, but knowing we live 12 hours away, he could have just blown us off. Instead, I got to meet the owner, my favorite Devil of all time, and made some new hockey fans. WHAT A GREAT DAY!!! Another reason to be a Devils fan!
  12. Road games you are attending this season

    I'll be going to both Atlanta games, possibly Columbus and Carolina.
  13. Opening night tickets

    I know the chances are remote, but if there are any season ticket holders out there that can't make opening night, I need 5 tickets. I live in Tennessee now and me and the family are coming up to my brother's wedding that weekend. I've only got to the Rock twice since it opened so I really want to go, show the kids how fun it is. Thanks.
  14. Kovy Press Conference info

    Not on NHL network
  15. Beard-a-Thon

    I went to prom during Game 7 vs Philly in 2000. I taped the game, hoping not to hear the score. Didn't happen that way though, the damn D.J. gave an update every 5 minutes.