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  1. Jersey's Team vs Broadway's Hudson Rivalry Feb. 8 GDT

    VPN to the rescue. Tonight I pretended to be in York, ON.
  2. Upgrade from Hell...

    So what is this look all about? Not that I mind, but it's different.  I guess it's designed for touch devices.
  3. Upgrade from Hell...

    Looking good.  I like that it's less pink than before.
  4. Upgrade from Hell...

    It was no rush for me. I was just curious. I'm using it to post this so it appears to be working. Thanks!
  5. Upgrade from Hell...

  6. Preppie soccer kids given night off with free Devs Tix.

      Still makes him look bad.  No one is going to remember the name of the charter company.
  7. Preppie soccer kids given night off with free Devs Tix.

    Guess we have a bunch of new Rangers fans now.
  8. GDT: Devs vs. the Champs

    We did it a few years ago.
  9. Center ice or game center

      Heard somewhere if you use a VPN or Proxy you can even get Gamecenter for $99 which I guess is an international price.  Not sure though as I never tried it.
  10. Center ice or game center

    I prefer GameCenter Live as opposed to TV based Center Ice since you can watch on a variety of devices. I'm able to watch on the computer, phone, tablet, Roku, and now Chromecast.
  11. Clint Malarchuk injury

    All is well, sir.  All is well.
  12. Jagr's Still Got It

    50k local currency.
  13. So this just happened...

    Hope the pic works. This topic reminded me of this guys Devils tattoo down here in Austin. The ass was bonus.
  14. The Leafs are my wife's team so I'm usually up to date on what's going on anyway.
  15. Cammalleri to Wear #13

    The 13th through the 13th for 13 eh...nice.