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  1. NHL 09!

    I know what you mean, every time I do the poke check and they fall I just swear and the game and call it diving. NHL 99 had it too. Though I never remember getting it and having the goal stand. I think gameplay wise the NHL series is on the rise, but the GM mode is piss. I really hate the Dynasty mode in 08. I wish it was the classic 10 Season mode that was in NHL 2002 for example. I can do the trades I want, not be assed with a Salary Cap, not be bothered with a horrible interface and such. The GM mode is horrible. For GMing I just play NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007. Now if that game was fused with the on ice gameplay of NHL 08 I would be stoked.
  2. Goalie interference threatens to ruin playoffs

    Indeed. I think that was probably the worst call I've seen in this whole first round. I forget which game it was but Kozlov got pushed into Biron and they called it a penalty there. Here the Caps got screwed again.
  3. Avery to Intern at...

  4. Game Attendance Survey

    Yeah it was a typo, I fixed it.
  5. Game Attendance Survey

    1. How many games did you attend this season? 4 2. What was your W-L record in games you attended? 2-2 3. Where did you usually sit? I sat in the 201-203 area. 4. What was your favorite game attended? The two wins. Can't pick one. Comeback to beat Dallas was great and the other was the second home game, blowout against the TB. Great game. 5. What was your LEAST favorite game attended? Both the losses, 1-0 against Isles, Mottau falling there to let the Isle dangle forever to score. And the Habs comeback from behind to beat us. 6. How many games do you plan on attending next season? A lot more. I'm gonna go to college next year and to NJIT so I'll be a few blocks away.
  6. Avery & Brodeur

    Did Avery forget about the fight in which Clarkie beat him?
  7. 2008 Playoffs

  8. 2008 Playoffs

    I'm cheering for Nashville cause of Arnott, Capitals cause they're my second favorite team, Calgary for Phaneuf and Iginla really, and that's about it. I wouldn't mind Pittsburg winning cause Sykora is my favorite player of all time and I will not talk any crap from anyone about it. Oh I also like Crosby too, though I'm not much of a fan of Crosbitch.
  9. List of unrestricted free agents

    You know, if we did somehow sign Sean Avery, though that would mean apocalypse, imagine him and Broduer on the same team? That's something I can't even being to see. But yeah, don't want Avery. Personally I liked Campbell and maybe having to get Salvador back. I wouldn't mind seeing Mottau back, and Pando if we do not overpay him at bit. Sarge... he's gotta hang up the skates and stick. He's got heart and only decent checking power right now. I'd like to see Malone too. Hossa is a dream, but Langkow I'd like too.
  10. Disgusting garbage

    But in the end, he's only human, isn't he? No one is perfect.
  11. Disgusting garbage

    Agreed, there is a certain level of scum that doesn't deserve anything... Avery is in that level.
  12. Thoughts on the Rock's opening season?

    I went to 4 games. I went to the second home game, Pando Hat Trick, etc... was nice. Dallas game, nice comeback win. Islanders game... Mottau trippping, Isles win 1-0... poor Mikey :< Habs game... this one was bad. Up and then letting the Habs comeback and win... I loved the Rock. Great improvement over the old Contintental Cave.
  13. Devils VS Rangers Game 5 GDT

    Hi! Nice to meet you! You are awfully clever.
  14. Devils VS Rangers Game 5 GDT

    After the interview with Parise there was a different chant... what was it?
  15. Devils VS Rangers Game 5 GDT

    Yeah, but sometimes you do need a supporting cast on D. I think he just got tired again. Just like against Ottawa last year... and some of the TB series.