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  1. Other than his shot and a nice pass here and there I have seen absolutely nothing in the Patrick highlight reels that impresses me much. Most of the time he seems to be floating around without too much interest in the game. Since we're trying to build a fast team, I don't think Patrick fits into these plans too well. Add the injuries and Nico is my clear #1 by a mile.
  2. Somehow things seem to be falling into place lately... McLeod having a great season, winning the lottery and now getting something for nothing in a trade... not a bad end to a really bad season.
  3. Even without the injury problems I believe the Devils are more likely to draft Hischier than Patrick. After looking at every available footage of the two players, Patrick for me kinda resembles "the old NHL" whereas Hischier is the textbook "modern" lightning fast NHL player. The Devils need to become faster and Hischier is the perfect fit for this. Hischier and Hall would be just perfect together. You can always add Palmieri to the line to add some toughness, but as for speed and skill that would be just so tremendous. As for Patricks injuries, I don't think you can seriously consider drafting him at No 1 when the differences between him and Hischier in terms of what they both bring to the table are so small. Think about it: Everybody will say "I told you so" if Patrick misses his first large chunk of games, which is surely going to happen sooner rather than later. Shero is not gonna risk that, he is too smart for this. And like I said, it's not as if we're talking a Connor McDavid vs Lawson Crouse difference here.
  4. Got an autograph by Larry as well. Unfortunately in those early years without Internet and living in Europe, I never heard a single game with Larry behind the microphone. I never dreamt of one day being able to see every single Devils game... things have really changed. Just the other day I looked for info on the game I became a Devils fan. It was at MSG on January 5th 1984 and of course the Devils lost in Overtime . During the next years I travelled to the US every year and went to several Devils games on each trip. I think it took me something like three trips before I finally got to see the first win .
  5. Basically Boucher was half a year older than McLeod is now when he scored 62 goals in 68 games.
  6. Just love Miles Wood. That guy has some guts. Sure, he is very raw, but as they say in baseball... you can't teach speed. I think he will be a Devil for a very long time and we'll have lots of fun watching this guy play for us.
  7. Once in while Schneider could stop one. That would be real nice.
  8. They will never win anything with that guy in goal. These softies every night break the team. They have to work so hard to get a goal and then Schneider lets easy goals in again and again. Get rid of this guy before Wednesday and go with Kinkaid and Appleby, then sign somebody in the summer.
  9. Time to trade Cory and go with KK and Appleby. Keeping Schneider makes no sense whatsoever.
  10. Maybe if they throw in RNH? I think that would be a fair deal.
  11. Wow, what a move.
  12. Because Elias has less future value than anybody else on the list. Can't say what I said was too far from the truth, can you?
  13. Why not recall Mozik and give him a chance. The guy is a +14 in 15 games, I guess he must do something right.
  14. Wow, so they CAN play some if they want to.
  15. This team just sucks so bad, it reminds me of the 80s.