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  1. Hi all

  2. My Plan to Screw the Rangers

    this is definitely the year the rangers have the best chance if all works out well for them.. I still think it will take at least a quarter of the season for all the players to mold and if they don't get going by the all star game, its not going to happen and thats when I'd start worrying if I were a rangers fan.. the team's going to very different next year just because of the cap
  3. Guerin New Isles Captain

    lol.. nice
  4. Hi all

    lol.. all good do I get royalties?
  5. Hi all

    Oh I definitely will!! Lol.. I've only lived here for less than a year .. I still consider myself a jersey guy
  6. If Parise were offered 7 years $50M...

    I think Lou would have to hold Lowe's family hostage or something.. or maybe Lowe's an idiot...
  7. If Parise were offered 7 years $50M...

    I think we can't start rebuilding just yet. Marty's still got a few years left in his tank and we should do everything to make sure he goes out on top. That's the main reason why I'd sign parise and not take the picks.
  8. Rumors of where Yashin will play

    the site is pure crap
  9. If Parise were offered 7 years $50M...

    we still have brodeur.. he might not win the cup by himself but he'll get us to the playoffs .. so even if we lose parise, we're not dead
  10. If Parise were offered 7 years $50M...

    I don't think he's going to offer the same for parise especially to Lou but like I said before.. its still not as easy of a decision as you think
  11. If Parise were offered 7 years $50M...

    Agreed! Gomez might be a chicken sh%t but thats what happens when you dangle money in front of anyone.. they can be playing anywhere and it wouldn't phase them as long as they have the paycheck.. There are maybe a handful for players that would do the "right" thing
  12. If Parise were offered 7 years $50M...

    All I have to say is money talks and an example.. Gomez A lot of people would be willing to be miserable with a $7 mill paycheck