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  1. join up fans
  2. New Streak for the cash on espn...I have been hooked for a while...join the group if you would like http://streak.espn.go.com/group?groupID=137088
  3. interesting....
  4. Will def be missed Thanks for everything #18
  5. Ive always been a fan of his, hoping one day he could land with us...If we could I would do it w/o touching our core(outside of gio)
  6. got the size to be a devil
  7. here we go lou....!
  8. the waiting game
  9. hmmm
  10. Tough after what Scottys been through and done for us but Marty is #1
  11. hopefully he pulled something off we don't know about, but its looking less and less likley
  12. hale was very late
  13. Im suprised they parted ways with Esposito...very interesting trade
  14. Good luck to Cam...Hopefully he gets that playing time...lets also hope this guy can do something for us
  15. what a punk good riddance from the right coast