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  1. Charge your phone, brah. That is a ridiculous article though. They don't even mention the opposing team..
  2. Nothing personal. I just like to laugh.
  3. You forgot playoff phenom Tanner Glass
  4. And to add to my YouTube highlight scouting report, it was pretty awesome to see that more than half of Patrick's highlights involve Quenneville. I know the Hall-Henrique lovefest died out pretty quick but cmon, that's gotta tip the scales a bit for Nolan, right?
  5. WJC highlights are an example.
  6. Finally got around to watching highlights of both and these guys and I noticed a lot of Nico's highlights started in the offensive zone while Nolan's were all over (entering the zone, cycling, etc.). It really seemed to me like Nolan was the type of player that drove play and got things going. Nico was great to watch but I see him as more as a top end complementary player. Nolan is something this team really needs. He can carry, pass, shoot.. everything. I can't see how Shero doesn't select him. The injuries certainly suck and I believe they keep this argument alive, otherwise Nolan is the clear answer. But I'm hoping that as he gets bigger and stronger and starts working out with the best trainers available at the NHL level, he's able to get over it. And on the other hand, if the Devils don't pick him, I hope none of that pans out and the Flyers bust.
  7. The Rangers still get the easy route to the Conference final with those two choke jobs >_< But yeah, I dig that format.
  8. Why not? This gets him into the NHL a year sooner, and if he gets traded at the deadline, it's most likely to a team looking to bolster up before making a run. Granted this is all under the belief that he's coming back because he wants to win a cup.
  9. Not saying a 1st + Prospect is what he's worth now, but we traded a lot more than that at the deadline.
  10. Great, thanks a lot
  11. Does anybody know the timing of the events tonight? I'm not usually one for warmups so I don't know when they typically begin. Any help would be fantastic.
  12. Taylor Hall's face after that goal.. he gave no fvcks.
  13. Digging this one. Especially after this weekend's game.
  14. Wow what a carry. Different skill set but fingers crossed that he isn't Boucher 2.0 when it comes to performing in the NHL vs OHL