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  1. Great, thanks a lot
  2. Does anybody know the timing of the events tonight? I'm not usually one for warmups so I don't know when they typically begin. Any help would be fantastic.
  3. Taylor Hall's face after that goal.. he gave no fvcks.
  4. Digging this one. Especially after this weekend's game.
  5. Wow what a carry. Different skill set but fingers crossed that he isn't Boucher 2.0 when it comes to performing in the NHL vs OHL
  6. I can't believe this is going to be on page 2..
  7. Give him a break, he was just testing it here. ..right, Derek?
  8. I feel like Hall was able to get a decent shot off before he was tripped. He wasn't denied a scoring chance but he was obviously tripped afterwards.
  9. He spreads an incurable illness throughout the locker room and we have to start all over! Wait a minute... I see what you're getting at.
  10. 07054 - maybe next job!
  11. So strange. I also experienced someone bringing a box into my northern NJ office this morning with that god awful logo. What if you're my boss and I just don't know?
  12. Boomer Esiason was sitting right behind the goal for that one.. Loved seeing that. EDIT: Ah damn, just caught up to the end of the thread and I see this was already mentioned.. carry on.
  13. If you scroll down reeeaaally far, you can see their post about Hall. -______________-
  14. And that's assuming they lose those 4 straight games that we win?
  15. Love it