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  1. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    Ever hear of Ilya Kovalchuk? He plays in the K. Big naturally talented goal scorer. He can even throw down.
  2. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Bruh, it's the same thing. The playoffs start, you have this bracket format with no reseeding, so you can fill that sh!t out all the way to the final. Everyone can make their own personalized bracket, throw your name on it, enter it into different leagues, post it on your facebook or twitter, and it creates hype by giving everyone their own individual rooting interest for the next two months. I don't like it. But it's certainly a great marketing point.
  3. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    IMO, the new format is to try to capitalize on "Bracket Challenges" like March Madness
  4. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

  5. TG Leaving the Record

    fvckin Patty
  6. Since you aren't from the area, I've gotta say that I'm 99% sure none of the players live in Newark or probably even go out in Newark. Let's just say it isn't their scene. They most likely live in Hoboken or thereabouts. And the going out scene in Hoboken/Jersey City is not too shabby. You can find something going on most any night. Not too mention the Path makes Manhattan very accessible any given evening. So I'm going to have to disagree with Mr. Laraque here as far as his reasoning goes on why he just assumes that DSP may not be going out.
  7. What's happened to Severson and Merrill?

    There is still time. Just from reading the post CR1976 made in the Devs Ducks GDT thread, it took Andy Greene almost 4 seasons to start showing some consistency in his play. On top of that, this is also everyone's first season under the new Hynes brand of hockey and who are the vets on D showing these guys the ropes? Just Greene? Add Zidlicky last season. I'll stay optimistic for another season or two.
  8. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    If you PM me your address I will mail you mine. Some slight bends but nothing a few heavy books can't fix.
  9. The Marty Night thread

    Thanks for the info. Kind of a bummer I'm going to have to watch the game alone but it's better than standing.
  10. The Marty Night thread

    Random question pertaining to tomorrow.. I had MPFL reconstructive surgery on my knee last week (can supply nasty pics for those interested) and I'm stuck in this awful, locking, full leg brace. I'm 6'2" so sitting in the 200s isn't going to work without bending my knee. I called up ticketing and they said the game is obviously sold out so they can't relocate me, but Guest Services might be able to accomodate. Has anybody had any experiences working with guest services? Just curious what I should be prepared for. Really hoping I won't have to stand and watch the whole ceremony/game.
  11. Was thinking the same thing.
  12. This thread is the definition of bad juju
  13. Coming to NY 2nd week of Feb - best place to get tickets?

    Just don't cross Broad and you'll be alright.
  14. Coming to NY 2nd week of Feb - best place to get tickets?

    Yeah it's a cool Devils themed bar down on Lafayette and Bruen, about 3 blocks east of the arena (walk down Lafayette, go under the train overpass and it's the next intersection on the right). It can get crowded closer to game time (especially a Ranger game) so it might be worth calling ahead if you have a group and snagging a table and you won't have to worry about it. Prices are like $5-$6 for a craft beer and $10 for a burger. They have those big beer tower things too for macrobrews. And I highly recommend the Guinness burger.