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  1. As a former season ticket holder, it got kinda old seeing red vs white every game. And there is enough red around the arena and in the crowd to not lose that identity either.
  2. I don't hate the idea. I'm sure teams could work out which colors they would be wearing ahead of time before the teams get on the plane.
  3. Oh man, I was dying in line. Such a breath of fresh air in the rink. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  4. And if a player elects to play 4 years with their college team, they can enter the league as an UFA, such as what we saw with Hayes and Vesey (potentially Kerfoot)?
  5. Almost identical play to this one. Although he snipes Fleury instead of dekeing.
  6. So what happens if a draft pick isn't signed or refuses to sign a contract with the team that drafted them? Do they continue to play with their most current team and get reentered into the draft the following year? Or does that NHL team own their rights for a certain amount of time?
  7. This one by Gio Madden gets me every time.
  8. Not sure what it is but I always liked his swagger. Reminds me of Marty when he makes that glove save and stands right up.
  9. I'll pay $10 if someone can Photoshop his mouth from where it is down to his forehead.
  10. How so?
  11. As much as I'd hate to admit it, M32 is totally right. Spend the extra time in Montreal, it's an incredible city. My friends and I try to get up there every year for hockey games, tournaments, festivals, concerts, whatever. Threw a few bachelor parties up there too, so let me know if you're not going with a wife or girlfriend and I can point you in the right direction..
  12. Touché
  13. Are there any Adidas jerseys that have yokes that spill onto that arm section? i feel like a lot of them stop at the seam. It might be an Adidas template thing.
  14. I'm terrible at this but you get the idea EDIT: Kind of funny that we were both struggling to make this stupid mock up at EXACTLY the same time