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  1. Just googled Stabley Cap and this is what pops up. There are a ton of others. Now I get the ET comparison.
  2. And he was fined $10k for the Kronwall incident that happened on 1/18
  3. I think it's in this compilation
  4. There is a huge vacant lot on the corner of Lafayette and McCarter. I suppose that could be turned into additional parking?
  5. Definitely top 5 for me
  6. double post
  7. Funny you mentioned that. I had sent this video to a friend of mine the other night when we played Boston. This is some prime cut tomfoolery.
  8. I, for one, happen to love free booze.
  9. To play in Albany
  10. Can you explain what 'Red Set 1/2' means? Are there like X sets of Red and White jerseys that are used per season? Or are they printed and numbered when one gets marked up and sold like the puck mark you pointed out above? Sorry Mr. Mike Peluso for derailing your thread.
  11. It checks out, boys. Carry on. (That's a pretty legit collection)
  12. Pics or GTFO
  13. You're a goddamn trail blazer