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  1. Ducks Concept Jerseys

  2. Ducks Concept Jerseys

    I KNOWWWWW there is no chance that the Ducks will change their look, but they have to consider this uniform.... Brought to you by GhettoFarmBoy
  3. New Devils jerseys concept art

  4. New Devils jerseys concept art

    I found these on a hockey blog, and I don't like them at all. There is wayyy too much striping going on. Enjoy!!!! or not
  5. New Senators Jerseys

  6. New Senators Jerseys

    The new Senators jersey were revealed today. IMO I think they could have been a lot better, and I'm not liking the 3D logo. Click to see the jerseys.
  7. Mike Ricci retires

    ROFLMAO!! and I thought Barry Bonds had it rough.
  8. Do you want Souray here?

    I think we all agree that Souray is a defensive liability but let's face it, the Devils' problem isn't the defense, it's scoring, especially on the PP. We all know how damage he can bring to the PP, Bring him back Lou.