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  1. Palmieri called back up from AHL

    I understand people who believe the Zach and Travis NEED 2 be together and separating them seems to amount to blasphemy so here's my thoughts.. Kovy's D isn't that great and while Henrique, or JJ for that matter, is very promising the defense would be almost as bad as our PP! and It's ALL about Kovy! Let's face it folks Parise, who may not even be a Devil much longer, is a more complete hockey player allowing him to play with a larger variety of line-mates successfully. Kovy is here until Doomsday, (NO not DEC 21 2012), and of all the guys on our roster Travis is the best suited to getting the most outta him. Bottom line is Parise isn't going to hurt or be hurt playing with Henrique, or JJ. Kovy will so what's best for the team now, and possibly the future, is Kovy-Travis and Parise-Henrique! Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right or maybe the Devils bring a center in for Kovy and move JJ to the right side but all that matters is we find a way to start scoring and winning! Also ask yourself, what's the best the guy with the 17 yr deal has played, so far, since he arrived here and who were his line-mates? DEVILS FAN FOR LIFE, DEATH TO LEAF NATION!
  2. Palmieri called back up from AHL

    It's more likely than not because of Travis's return! NaPalm will be back at right wing with Kovy and Travis in hopes of building on last year's chemistry AND more importantly putting Kovy back at left wing and producing another scoring line. Kovy-Zajac-Palmieri Parise-Henrique-Clarkson Sykora-Elias-Zubrus Tedenby-Carter-PLUG DEVILS FAN FOR LIFE, DEATH TO LEAF'S NATION!
  3. Devils’ coaching move could be close

    To be fair two of the last three coaches we've hired have been far younger than Eaves (he's 55). True true, i just much prefer to have a guy not in his 60's takeover (Hitchcock). For me the big thing with Eaves is his developing of young talent. NJ is about to say good bye to the old guard and welcome in the new. A guy like Eaves would be a fantastic step for the Devils, being that he's young-ish (< 60), experienced with the young guns ( USNTDP, NCAA, National JR Team), has an outside view (NOT a Hab or Devil) and has a supporter in, who many believe to be the next Captain of the Devils, Zach! OR let's turn the rains over to Hitch(2-3 yr life span w/teams), Therrien who managed to piss off Crosby AND Malkin or Haviland who has interviewed for 4-5 coaching jobs and still hasn't landed one! But hey, we don't make these calls but it sure is fun to to hazard our own guesses and opinions on it! DEVILS FAN FOR LIFE, DEATH TO LEAFS NATION!
  4. Devils’ coaching move could be close

    You're probably not, however the guys that matter (i.e LL and JVB) most definitely do. It's not about catering to one player it's about controlling a locker room! When your superstars are 110% in favor of a guy the rest of the troops fall in line trusting in their leadership. It's been happening in NJ for years why change that now? Think of it this way, if you play on the Indianapolis Colts and Payton Manning tells you that this coach and his systems are very good, are you going to question him, even if the coach has no NFL head coaching experience? NO, because he's Payton Manning, the superstar and your leader! So while i agree with you, and by no means is Zach getting the final word as to who the coach will be, LL and JVB will talk to and take into account the opinion of their stars (Kovi, Zach) when making their choice! DEVILS FAN FOR LIFE, DEATH TO LEAFS NATION
  5. Devils’ coaching move could be close

    Best news I've heard all off season in regards to a coach! Mike Eaves is an excellent choice for a few really good reasons! He has the Parise stamp of approvalHe is a proven developer of young talentHe's NOT a member of the Devil OR Hab AlumniHis birth certificate dosen't have BC after the year! This coaching decision will be based on the young guns coming up the next few years, the new core group going forward. The old guard can deal with it for a year or leave! DEVILS FAN FOR LIFE, DEATH TO LEAFS NATION!
  6. countdown to the draft

  7. countdown to the draft

    I wouldn't. I think LL and Conte are pretty happy with their goal-tending prospects, BUT i do think we may sign a relatively young UFA goalie on the cheap for 1 yr. Someone like Josh Harding or Peter Budaj. DEVILS FAN FOR LIFE, DEATH TO LEAFS NATION!
  8. countdown to the draft

    Well no matter what happens and who they draft 99% of us will still cheer and support our team. My personal Top 5 would be...(in no particular order) LarssonHamiltonStromeBeaulieuScheifele Now i don't have RNH, Landeskog or Huberdeau on my list because i believe they are gone Top 3. Also i don't have everyone's other man crush SC as i just don't trust his skating OR his combine results even taking his case of Mono in to account. All the guys i like have some size, skill and 2 way game and all fill a need position with skill. Mind you 3.4.and 5 i would trade back to add something, wouldn't take at 4.
  9. countdown to the draft

    I don't know IF they are contemplating a trade down, but what struck me was TG had mentioned that STROME was the only 1 brought in for a 3rd interview, and the only 1 Lou sat in on! Take that as you will, but to me that says they really like Strome and either a. making sure if they trade back he's the guy they want OR b. taking him @ 4! DEVILS FAN FOR LIFE, DEATH TO LEAFS NATION! ACTUALLY, LL may have been there because he missed his 2nd interview... AS PER TG.. Of the top prospects that were at today’s media availability (and were known to have second interviews with the Devils after the combine), center Ryan Strome was the only one who said he had another interview scheduled with the Devils tonight. It was to be his third with the team, but first that general manager Lou Lamoriello sat in on. For some reason, Lamoriello was not there for Strome’s second interview (and extra fitness testing) after the draft combine in Toronto.
  10. I agree, as i noted above, if it is possible to get the 6th and 21st outta Murray obviously we grab it! It may take a little extra to go with the 4th but Murray is a GM who wants someone specific and knows that he may have to over pay for it! If Lou traded the pick for anything less than the 6th and Ottawa's 2nd rounder i would be absolutely disappointed. Right now only Lou, JVB and Conte really know the answer, and it may all be moot point if Lands is available at 3 and OTT or NYI pulls a trade to jump up. Devils Fan For Life, Death To Leafs Nation!
  11. You know, i read this the other day and came away with the distinct feeling we are going with a D-MAN with our pick and if, IF i say, Larsson is gone at 4 i think we are trading back with Ottawa! Conte mentions Larsson, Murphy and Hamilton, now if the top 3 goes as most believe with RNH, Larsson and Huberdeau then we all know the best thing to do is trade the 4th for Ottawa's 6th and the 21st!(if possible) At 6 we will get 1 of Murphy and Hamilton and with 21 we can take a center like Schiefele, Phillips, Khokhlachev or Zibanjead. We could go with a RW like Jensen, Rakell or Ratthe or even another d-man like Brodin, Beaulieu(gone by then i think) or Siemens. (They could go with everyone's draft crush SC with 6 and 1 of the aforementioned d-men at 21) If Larsson is gone, i believe trading back is the best thing for the team. We have to give up a 1st in the next few years, more then likely that 1st will end up in the 20+, so picking up the 21st this year would be like not losing that 1st! I made that as clear as mud....LOL! Devils Fan For Life, Death To Leafs Nation!
  12. Who are possible coaching candidates?

    Aside from what you mentioned about Florida's sell of, i think the only reason he was fired in Florida is Dave Tallon wants his own guy, some assistant coach in Chicago is the most likely candidate! His PP again, aside from the lack of true talent, was run for the most part by his assistant, a guy who was the assistant coach for 7 yrs in Columbus. I really don't care who comes in to coach this team so long as he isn't a dinosaur with prehistoric ways. Devils Fan For Life, Death To Leafs Nation
  13. Who are possible coaching candidates?

    My opinion would be for a younger, < 60, guy to grow with the young players. That being said someone like a DeBoer, Gordon, who has coached Zach at the Olympics i believe, or a MacTavish would be decent options! Devils Fan For Life, Death To Leafs Nation!
  14. Devils May Choose To Take Parise To Arbitration

    Damn right Lou, or perhaps Lou's replacement as GM, will file for arbitration! It's simple, they negotiate until a new deal is reached or the team file deadline. With a new CBA at the end of next year who knows what will be in it! Imagine Zach with a new multi-year extension at at-least $6.6 and then the cap drops... 5 forwards making $26.7 million, that would hurt!!! (Kovi, Zach, Elias, Travis and Zubrus) Options are simple.... 1. Sign him to a long term deal and see what happens with, his knee, and the new CBA! 2. Don't sign him or file for arbitration before the deadline, see what offer sheet(s)he gets/signs AND pray we can match it or settle for picks 3. File for arbitration and keep him for one last run with Marty. 4. File, then trade him for good young players and prospects/picks(equal to an offer sheet)if unable to negotiate a new deal Anyway it goes down, as long as Lou dosen't allow him to walk for NOTHING Al-la Gomez, Holik, Rafalski, Gionta etc I'll be perfectly happy. If Zach leaves, he and his agent are just as responsible as the Devil's front office, but hey, that's business!!! Devils Fan For Life, Death To Leaf Nation!
  15. GM says coach not Devils' problem

    The axe is sharpening. Bob Hartley is awaiting his call and some older core players will be dealt,they understand this season is lost and they aren't getting any younger, the shake up will surprise everyone......... just watch! This isn't Lou's team, this team is JVB and as we witnessed this off season he gets what he wants! Devils fan for life, Death to Leaf Nation!