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  1. 2017 UFA Thread

    Stars should be up against the cap. They'd make a great trade destination.
  2. In Russia NHL returns you. Kovalchuk staying in KHL.

    If its blackhawks, I think we may get Murphy and Panik/Bouma kind of combo for Kovy, mid level pick and/or a prospect. This should be interesting. If Shero can commit a heist then all the props to him.
  3. 2017 UFA Thread

    I think Shero will take the Devils where they need to go, but he can't do it now. He has a game plan, and I know for a fact it is a game plan that works. Every team that is successful has homegrown talent. Our talent pool dried out a while ago and Shero is now building the Devils back up to where they need to be. Don't forget, he has another Ace Card which I am sure he is looking to play and that is the Kovalchuk card. Let's see how it all goes down and what kind of return we get. Taylor Hall and Kyle Palmieri were supposed to fulfill offensive roles and ended up becoming duds this last year. What if Shattenkirk did the same? Come on Devils fans, I know the past few years have been tough, but be patient, it will get better.
  4. In Russia NHL returns you. Kovalchuk staying in KHL.

    Imagine if we traded him there and after the additions of chuk and shatt they get knocked out in the first round of the POs (fixed). There is a better chance of this happening.
  5. 2017 UFA Thread

    I have one issue with Shero, I am not sold on John Hynes being the right coach for the team. Regards to off season, there is still time to trade for another player, I am sure he is looking at some teams to ease their cap problems by taking a D-man for some picks and pucks.
  6. 2017 UFA Thread

    ROFLMAO, cmon guys, its not the end of the world.
  7. 2017 UFA Thread

    The four youngest forward FA would be Grigorenko, Yakupov, Pirri and JJ. Grigorenko could play on the fourth line, he has size and can net 10 goals as well. Share your thoughts.
  8. 2017 UFA Thread

    The four youngest FAs who are NHLers would be Franson, Jared Cowen, Gelinas and Despres. I think we go for Franson or Despres, Jared Cowen is also a first rounder for the Sens. Dont know if Cowen is any good.
  9. 2017 UFA Thread

    I know someone was asking, 55.4 million is the cap floor. We are still about 6 million away from it after the Boyle signing. I think we have six more forward spots and one more D spot to fill.
  10. 2017 UFA Thread

    Chill guys, Shattenkirk may be the best player in this year's FA pool, but he surely isn't the answer to all our problems. We still have too many major holes to fill. If we were running for a Stanley Cup this year and needed a major upgrade in the top four, then yes, he wouldve been great.
  11. 2017 UFA Thread

    4 years/26.6m
  12. 2017 UFA Thread

    Believe. Maple Leafs aka Lou signed him. Some things never change, including my (brotherly) love for Lou.
  13. 2017 UFA Thread

    You beat me to it, I was going to post this right now as well. That is funny, lol.
  14. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    This game is so action packed, I'm just glued to my screen. EDM with too many men penalty. Want Larsson to win this game.
  15. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread