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  1. I read somewhere that he may have had a concussion or concussion symptoms. He isn't playing tonight either. I hope its nothing serious and they are doing this as a precaution. FYI, just read on timesunion that he is injured, the didn't specify the injury. The concussion aspect was gotten from hockeybuzz blog, some gentlemen named Todd.
  2. Queenie is done, the new goalie changes are really going to affect him as they cut down on equipment. He has some of the biggest goalie equipment in the league. Goto the 32 second mark
  3. The D (Greene) need to start shooting the puck, they are always looking for a pass.
  4. Devils need to get it together, this is a game they should be winning. Hopefully, they come out guns blazing, the ice has been terrible, surprising that this is in calgary.
  5. Devils looking sloppy tonight. Hopefully the second will be better.
  6. I am not worried about Patty. Last year we had a slow team, I can see this infusion of youth inspire him to raise his level of play. The only player I dont like on this team is gio. I think Matteau should be given time on the fourth line instead.
  7. I've been saying it all along, PDB is an atrocious coach, great to see JJ will be getting the opportunity he deserves. I've liked all of Shero's moves thus far, except letting Stevens go. That, I think was a big no-no. I am meh on Gomez, if there is roster space available, then there's a good chance Shero may look to bring him back or upgrade via free agency. Regarding Bernier, in a previous interview, Shero mentioned that he doesnt just look at one year, he looks at the overall performance of the player over the duration of the contract. The reality is a lot of players play their hardest in the contract year and looks like Shero is going to put an end to that, he wants a player who is performing well throughout the middle of his contract. This may have been the first step in that direction. If Zajac continues to play the way he has been, I can see him being on the trading block very early. Somehow, I think Shero may be able to convince the Wild to overpay for Zajac because of his chemistry with Parise and get a solid return on him.
  8. YAWP. Finally, sorry, but Pete sucked, I now think the young guys will have a chance to develop and play their full potential. I can also see the vets being held accountable since this tandem is not afraid to play the young guys and give them a chance to develop and grow.
  9. Stevens: "(Larsson and Gelinas) have to play. Larsson has made some steps. He's found a way to be an important part on this team." From Pat Pickens. I finally expect good things to happen. I know a lot of you are bummed about the coaching mess, but I have more confidence in this tandem then P.Bonehead.
  10. TG on PDB's assessment of the game: Devils coach Pete DeBoer thought it was “a pretty even game” after the first 10 minutes tonight.
  11. From TG's Blog: Devils coach Pete DeBoer talked Thursday about how Josefson has “played well” this season, but, like a lot of other Devils, needs “some production, too.” Josefson had a goal and an assist in his three games, but was held off the score sheet in nine consecutive games after that.
  12. JJ was benched after having one of his best games last year. While you guys keep blaming the rookies, I continue to blame this coach. He sucks and shouldve been let go.
  13. Now buyout Salvador and pay Fayne the additional in difference in cap saved, if you guys know what I mean. Basically we get an upgrade for Salvador.
  14. He needs to get a fair chance, you cant bench him for mistakes, and let the vets get away with it. This is exactly what hampers development.
  15. I hope he gets a fair chance to play. An idiot like PDB will most likely replace him with Harrold and piss everyone off with his cool, calm emotionless demeanour while Sal gets away with murder.