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  1. GDT: 1/4/18 Devils @ Stars

    Either way, it wasnt conclusive, but I've posted some screen shots that show MoJo was onside in the last GDT post. If it was conclusive, refs wouldve called it right away and we wouldnt be disagreeing on this matter.
  2. GDT: Devils @ St. Louis 8:00 PM

    This post shows the breakdown frame by frame proving MoJo was on side from HF. http://hfboards.mandatory.com/threads/devils-vs-blues-8-00pm-msg-2.2430025/page-50#post-139729235
  3. GDT: Sabres @ Devils 12/29 7:00PM

    Wonder when the NHL will admit these refs suck and made a bad call. Taylor Hall knew exactly what he was doing there and passing the puck to himself.
  4. GDT: Sabres @ Devils 12/29 7:00PM

    Looks to me he had a skate on the blue line plus he passed it to himself.
  5. GDT: Sabres @ Devils 12/29 7:00PM

    Taylor Hall says, "Enough is enough, time to put these posers away"
  6. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Well for tomorrow we have: Taylor Hall-Nico Hischier-Kyle Palmieri Pavel Zacha-Travis Zajac-Jesper Bratt Miles Wood-Brian Boyle-Drew Stafford Adam Henrique-Blake Coleman-Brian Gibbons Andy Greene-Steven Santini John Moore-Damon Severson Will Butcher-Ben Lovejoy Good news Zacha back in, bad news, Zajac is on his line.
  7. GDT Devils vs Panthers 7:00 MSG+

    Need to jam the puck instead of icing it there with 10 seconds left.
  8. GDT: Devils at Vancouver, 11/1/17, 10pm (too damn late)

    He used to be a Canuck ... We got him for a first round pick.
  9. TRADE: G Scott Wedgewood from NJ to ARI for 2018 5th

    5th round pick doesnt make sense. I think we shouldve gotten a 3rd rounder at the least, after all he was picked in the third round as well.
  10. GDT: Devils @ Rangers 7:00 Garden

    Johanssen/Zacha and Hayes with 5 mins of game time
  11. GDT: Devils @ Toronto 7:30 PM

    I just saw a horrible hook not being called. Refs at it again.
  12. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Rangers down 3-1 with a minute Flyers down 3-0
  13. GDT: Colorado @ Devils 2:00 PM-Opening Day at the Rock

    Wow Wow Wow. I cant remember the last time I saw the Devils desperately trying to score a goal in the last minute while leading like this. If I started watching this game in the last two minutes of play, I'd think we were down 2-0 or something. This season has the potential to be something else. And Oh yes!!! So happy hockey has started, my season started today. LGD!!!
  14. 2017 UFA Thread

    Stars should be up against the cap. They'd make a great trade destination.
  15. In Russia NHL returns you. Kovalchuk staying in KHL.

    If its blackhawks, I think we may get Murphy and Panik/Bouma kind of combo for Kovy, mid level pick and/or a prospect. This should be interesting. If Shero can commit a heist then all the props to him.