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  1. This game is so action packed, I'm just glued to my screen. EDM with too many men penalty. Want Larsson to win this game.
  2. Nutzzzzzzzzzzz!
  3. Nice, 4-1 FYI, Columbus with an 8 Goal night against St. Louis' 4 with 10 mins left in the third. Thats nuts.
  4. I too was quite bummed when Kovy left, felt a bit betrayed. Putting all that aside, the question is, would he make this team better? I think the answer is yes, so would I sign him if I was Shero, the answer to that too is yes.
  5. The Devils have to start scoring more with this lineup. The gpg is one of the lowest in the league.
  6. Stream:
  7. What a save by Kinkaid
  8. Wow Camm natural hat trick, this guy is on fire
  9. Cam on fire, but a big shout out to JJ on that play
  10. wtf ... Columbus 10 Montreal 0!!! Something is way off Al Montoya in net for Canadiens, this guy used to give us a hard time, I hate him. Shea Weber +/- 0
  11. I read somewhere that he may have had a concussion or concussion symptoms. He isn't playing tonight either. I hope its nothing serious and they are doing this as a precaution. FYI, just read on timesunion that he is injured, the didn't specify the injury. The concussion aspect was gotten from hockeybuzz blog, some gentlemen named Todd.
  12. Queenie is done, the new goalie changes are really going to affect him as they cut down on equipment. He has some of the biggest goalie equipment in the league. Goto the 32 second mark
  13. The D (Greene) need to start shooting the puck, they are always looking for a pass.
  14. Devils need to get it together, this is a game they should be winning. Hopefully, they come out guns blazing, the ice has been terrible, surprising that this is in calgary.