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  1. I think his point is that there's no correlation between attitude and ticket sales. Skill is skill, and people pay to watch that
  2. Yup. I think Brodeur had like 50 too. Talk about a goalie duel.
  3. This is the best thing to happen to the New Jersey Devils since Henrique netted that goal against the Rangers in 2011. So fvck you! I'm ecstatic. Elated, even. Some may even say I'm giddy. Jubilant. Cheeky. Gleeful, radiant, jocular. Ya know? I'm jovial and I'm joyous. Youre welcome to sit around expecting the worst to happen. But you can blow me if you think I'm gonna join ya.
  4. lol Jesus Christ some of you guys suck. You're allowed to be happy, y'all.
  5. Kinda a meaningless stat.... since the order of the digits didn't matter, 8 teams were within 1 number last night.
  6. lol wat.
  7. Uh, hi, nice to meet you. Also you're wrong.
  8. Hahahahahah "the NHL is rigged to give the first overall to American teams". Has anyone been to Edmonton, North Dakota recently? Beautiful city. True American feel.
  9. What do they experts say about their NHL readiness?
  10. Seeing tons of online chatter about Shero saying something along the lines of "I'm going to call kovalchuk". Any idea what that's about?
  12. Welcome to the forum. Very cool thread. I was born in 91. All of my cousins, aunts, and uncles were huge Rangers fans. Huge. My cousin -- and childhood best friend -- was 2 years younger than me. I wasn't big into hockey, neither was my dad, until I was about 8 years old. In his basement he had a net set up, and I'd always play goalie. Being 6 and 8, we "pretended" to be players. He'd always be Messier or Leech, in one of the 50 jerseys his dad bought for him. He always wanted me to be Brodeur. I even had a red tee shirt with the name "BRADUR" taped on the back and the #30, with an awful looking "Devils" logo on the front. Eventually we got into video games, and I picked the team Bradur was on. I also remember the second time we ever played NHL 98, I think it was? I injured Messier with Stevens, who soon became my favorite player. So, I guess I started there. Thanks, Ranger fan. Eventually I got my dad into it. I was an enormous fan in the early 2000s and have been ever since. We got season tickets in 2005, right after the lockout. I'm convinced he got them just to spend time with me -- prior to 2005-2006 he was a "watch one or two games a year" type guy. Well, we had season tickets from 2006 until the market crashed and he lost his job in 2010. Still enormous fans, text eachother during every game. I guess I became a "die hard" the summer that Gomez left for NY. started rumors, "Sheldon Souray to Devils -- All But Done" and I scoured the internet basically daily ready for his announcement. This place had a big discussion about it (as did a blog that RD used to run, can't remember the name). I created an account after stalking this place for a few weeks. Welcome! It's an amazing place with a fantastic community of complete arseholes and know-nothings.
  13. You haven't. That was directed at the multiple people who have.
  14. My point is that his value as a player to the Devils is greater than his trade value. You're out of your stinking mind if you think he's worth a first round pick
  15. I mean, I guess. Low 1st, Oduya, Bergfors, and Cormier if I remember correctly? Not exactly much more than a 1st and a prospect.