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  1. He was drafted a year ago in the top 15. Saying his ceiling is "3rd line" is fvcking stupid.
  2. Your recaps are getting lazy, Mikey.
  4. I'm sorry, Cammy needs to sit. He's an absolute possession killer every time he's on the fvcking ice.
  5. I'm watching. I have no backbone. go devils love u
  6. This will be the first game in my adult life where I choose not to plan my night around watching. I will not record the game, I will not follow the score. If it's an early night and I'm home by 11, I might put the game on. I might not. I don't know why I'm telling you guys this.
  7. Hynes should have the law laid down on him.
  8. I'm a rabid and avid sports fan. I always live by the phrase "the team is never as good as they look when they're winning, and never as bad as they look when they're losing". It's comforting. But it's a lie. This team is EXACTLY as bad as they look. I want to say they're unlucky. I want to say they're a key piece or two away. I want to blame Parise for leaving and Kovalchuk for bolting but fellas it's been 5 years. This is a bad hockey team, in the midst of a bad stretch of years that's gone on longer than I ever thought possible. I was a season ticket holder for 9 years. A "bad" team in those 9 years was one who lost in the first round of the playoffs. Oh, how spoiled we were. I don't have an answer. In fact, I don't even know the question. Last year we could point and say - "we are poo because we have no offense". Now what? we are poo because we are poo. I'm so sad.
  9. This isn't just a losing team any more. This is a losing culture, with absolutely no end in sight. Unless Zacha proves he can play, and McLeod turns out to be a player, Taylor Hall might play a decade in the NHL before sniffing the playoffs.
  10. Genuinely done with this team.
  11. I would be too. Turned it off before I saw which fvcking btch skated off to give Conor McDavid a 2-on-1
  12. What dumb fvcking ++++ went for a line change instead of defending a 2-on-1? I'm done with this team. Hall and Cory deserve better. fvcking fire Hynes
  13. Kyle Palmieri is always pissed at someone. Not sure why he's so mad, he's getting paid top-line millions to play like a third line grinder.
  14. Lmao literally typed "Jon Merrill is a different hockey player this year". Deleted that real quick
  15. Unreal that at one point in time Boston had Lucic AND Marchand. They were one Damien Brunner short of having the all-NHL Gigantic Nose Team