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  1. The Offseason Plan™

    I disagree pretty strongly with your bleak view of the Devils. I think a UFA/trade, a stronger showing from Severson and Merrill, and Zacha (or another kid) providing a little more offense makes this a playoff team next year. We aren't that far off.
  2. Possible "Palmieri-esque" trades for the offseason

    I would be genuinely shocked if Toronto doesn't sign Stamkos.
  3. 2016 Draft

    I guess AustonStamCock 2016 is a thing :/
  4. 2016 Draft

    At least it wasn't Edmonton. Hope WPG wins it
  5. 2016 Draft

    Scroll up a few posts
  6. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Hockey hockey
  7. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Starting to get a "flyers" vibe from these ducks. Throwing their bodies around late, slashing Rinne's glove hand every save, etc. I don't like that, so, fvck you Anaheim and lets go Nashville.
  8. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    It's a very soccer-like logo. And the red eye is giving me the creeps, is that Panther blazed out of his goddamned mind?
  9. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    I said 17/18. Wasn't Tavares 18 when he played for Canada?
  10. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    If you had a camera on you when you were 17 years old, would I like you? EDIT: my point is, it's a crappy reason to dislike a player because of how he acted when he was still in goddamned puberty. My cousin is a die hard Devils fan; used to play against Kyle Palmieri and said he was a typical rich-kid little sh!t who would flip out on the ref any time he got touched and frequently would play dirty and have an intent to injure. Kids are kids, and all 17/18 year olds suck.
  11. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    What could you possibly have against Washington and Tampa Bay?
  12. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    I like Tavares so much. It's a shame I have to hate him.
  13. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Holy crap. The islanders announcers haven't shut up about "how one sided" these refs are. This is insane. Okposo just twisted his stick between the guys legs and the moron is going "what an atrocious call he was already falling". OHMYGODSHUTUP
  14. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Rangers really waking up. Too little too late, though, it seems
  15. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Haha nope not me. I think that was RWTD