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  1. He's playing with our best players. I don't care what the stats say, he's the worst player on this team. He looked slow, lazy and downright embarrassing tonight
  2. I hate Mike Cammalleri more than I hate most Rangers players. that is foul.
  3. OTT looks pretty depleted. Injury to Ryan (even though he's been playing poorly) sucks, but the other injuries hurt worse. Score a bunch and make me enjoy watching pls.
  4. -you just don't -understand them
  6. So that was the worst goal I've ever seen a goalie give up. If I was Hynes I pull him there. Complete lack of effort
  7. I very much enjoy listening to Miles Wood speak. Refreshing to hear someone speak with a personality rather than "oh yeah, I mean, it's the teammates and my coach. And the teammates. And my coach. Ok thanks"
  8. So the Islanders wear black and all of a sudden start to play like Philly? So many cheap slashes behind the play. Cant wait until that franchise moves. Gonna lol at all of their stupid ass fans
  9. Pretty sure that wasn't an opinion. It's a pretty well known fact that you're a piece of human trash. That comment just solidified it for the 2% of people left on this forum who don't think you're sh!t.
  10. Really anything short of sweeping the isles puts us as 100% sellers at the deadline.
  11. Haha, yeah, that's probably what it is.
  12. I'm sorry, and I appreciate the stats and stuff and it's obviously a big effort to do it every game but these analysis' are so annoying. Every single 'point' you make you contradict, or qualify, or retract.... its bizarre. And when the Devils lose 3-0, it's just infuriating to read
  13. Cammy is the worst player on the team and it isn't close
  14. Oh relax. No, I'm not holding a grudge. I am saying that the only reason 29 other teams know the name Blandisi is because of his soccer-like diving and acting. I've said it a dozen times now. When healthy, BB8 is a better hockey player than Joe Blandisi. If you disagree, that's neat. That's why it's a forum.
  15. If you're using points to judge a player, I guess we can't really have much of an argument. If you think Blandisi gives this team a better chance to compete right now than BB8, we have hugely different views on this team. Blender was fun when he came up last year, until he dragged his name and the organizations name through the mud with, what was it, 4 diving calls? I think he may have a chance to be a player some day, but letting him develop in the AHL playing solid minutes sounds much better to me.