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  1. Haha, I've never realized that Freeze got away from Rangers-Legend Wade Redden for that goal.
  2. I am fine with literally any other team than New York. If he's worth 'x' to other teams, it should take no less than 2x for Shero to deal him to NY. But, am I missing something here with the Rangers? They've got ~7m in cap room and have to re-sign Zbad, Lindberg, Fast... and add defense? The fit doesn't seem to make any sense at all.
  3. "It's not going to happen because I said so" "in the incredibly unlikely event I am wrong" did Mike Brown steal your login? SatansDevils? Yikes
  4. So this delusion: is it simply delusion because you have a difference of opinion? Maybe we should discuss it elsewhere. Perhaps on a discussion forum. Wish we had one of those
  5. "I can't wait til it doesn't happen so that people realize it won't happen" k
  6. Oh sh!t guys I think NJD1711 figured it out
  7. Last year I wanted Stamkos. Wanted. I never thought in a billion years we'd get him, so I didn't get excited. This is the first marquee UFA in a long time that I feel really strongly that the Devils have a shot. I remember feeling this way about Rolston. wait oh god
  8. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but according to various sources that simply isn't true. I'd like to channel my inner Mike Brown for the purpose of this post: 1. He wants to play in the tri-state area. 2. We can offer him the most money, by far. 3. With the addition of the first overall pick, we seem to be a team just about to hit their stride. This isn't 2013 and a team full of old, slow, and over the hill players. 4. The Rangers will have enough trouble staying under the cap as it is. 5. One of the speculated reasons he turned down STL's proposed contract was because he wanted to be "the" guy. The minute-eater, top-pairing PPQB. He immediately becomes one of the most marketed players on the Devils if he signs here. But anyway; if you're curious -- type "Shattenkirk Devils" into google. Plenty of big names have speculated that we'll be major players in the Shattenkirk sweeps. Not saying we'll 100% get him, but I am certainly not "dreaming".
  9. Did not know that, thanks for clarifying
  10. Even for a little more than just a third round pick. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he have his best season with Hall as a line mate?
  11. The point is, to my knowledge at least, if you control his rights you can add an extra year (8) if you were so inclined
  12. So the Conference Finals are set and I am only mildly intrigued. I don't like Ottawa, never have -- the 2007 playoffs followed by the spit in the face of the Prudential center inaugural game made me a hater. And even though I guess Pitt is supposed to be a rival... are they? Crosby has done nothing to earn my ire in a long time. He dives occasionally, so does everyone. He gets the calls, but that's not his fault. He's a mega superstar and it's fun to watch that. Plus, I love Phil Kessel. Out west, I may catch a period or two unless it goes to a game 7. I like Nashville a lot, seems like a fun hockey town. Would love to see PK win the cup simply for Milbury's reaction (and of course the habs). I don't care much for the Ducks, the Niedermayer thing always bugged me and their uniforms are so bloody fvckin ugly. I'm gonna say Predators in 6, Penguins in 5, and eventually Penguins in 6 for the cup.
  13. Show me where the bad man hurt you
  14. The thing is, this isn't by any means the norm. There has only been 1 team in the NHL since the invention of the Presidents Trophy to have 3 Presidents Trophies and 0 Stanley Cups. The Ovechkins.