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  1. Playoffstatus puts us at a 3% chance to make the post season. Time to just enjoy the last few weeks of hockey, watch our young guys grow. Root like hell for a win, understand the benefits of a loss. Would love to see Palmieri take a run at Price today. Put him on his pansy little ass. Go devils, fvck Montreal. Is Zacha out?
  2. If we can get another couple of 3rd round picks, I'll be pretty happy.
  3. BN posted on here for years under the name LucifersDog until he was permabanned for threatening my fiancé multiple times in an alarmingly disturbing way.
  4. It's LucifersDog. Par for the course.
  5. I will literally donate money to buy you tickets to next years Boston home opener. Oh my god, what a joyous day. DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YA, BABE!
  6. Not sure the Devils are allowed to trade P.A... he was a waiver signing in season. Thought there were rules about that -- something like, all other teams get a crack at signing him through waivers before he can be cleared. Prevents teams with higher waiver priority signing a guy and immediately trading him
  7. Don't see why (or if we even can) protect Parenteau, his contract is expiring. and I can't for the life of me understand why you'd protect Pelly. If I'm NJ, I'm protecting: Hall, Henrique, Zajac, Palmieri, Noesen, Josefson, Bennett Greene, Severson, Merrill Schneider
  8. He's playing with our best players. I don't care what the stats say, he's the worst player on this team. He looked slow, lazy and downright embarrassing tonight
  9. I hate Mike Cammalleri more than I hate most Rangers players. that is foul.
  10. OTT looks pretty depleted. Injury to Ryan (even though he's been playing poorly) sucks, but the other injuries hurt worse. Score a bunch and make me enjoy watching pls.
  11. -you just don't -understand them
  13. So that was the worst goal I've ever seen a goalie give up. If I was Hynes I pull him there. Complete lack of effort
  14. I very much enjoy listening to Miles Wood speak. Refreshing to hear someone speak with a personality rather than "oh yeah, I mean, it's the teammates and my coach. And the teammates. And my coach. Ok thanks"
  15. So the Islanders wear black and all of a sudden start to play like Philly? So many cheap slashes behind the play. Cant wait until that franchise moves. Gonna lol at all of their stupid ass fans