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  1. I thought he signed one last year? Maybe I'm mis-remembering Never mind. Bostondevil was all over that
  2. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, you indecisive prima donna. I hope you can't decide which seat you want so you end up in a middle seat between 2 large gentlemen who both had white castle with extra onions the whole flight home.
  3. It took way more in NHL17, which is of course the only way to judge a trade.
  4. Plus the situation where he pretty much refused to play the system in Edmonton and demanded to do his own thing. We have too many young players coming through. We don't need that garbage.
  5. I've always supported Lou and I'll always appreciate what he's done, but damn i'm happy we have Shero right now.
  6. Hopefully when Kovy pokes his head out he doesn't see his shadow or it'll be 6 more weeks of Kovy speculation
  7. You know how we'll see a trade and start saying "why couldn't we have offered that?!?"? I think there's a bunch of other teams' message boards saying that right now
  8. You were right. I swore it would have been a magic wand.
  9. We must have filed for a special extension!!!
  10. They signed Orlov
  11. From the article Maddog2020 posted: It seems like the Shero might know as much about the team needs as NJDevs, surprisingly.
  12. They tried to spend a few million dollars on a major league player. He didn't take it. No one has been able to answer what other moves were supposed to be made.
  13. Good to know kovy is as delusional as always.
  14. They have pavelec at back up. They are one Lundqvist knee strain away from disaster
  15. This is no time for logic and patience.