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  1. For all the talks of sign and trade deals, they tend to be very rare in the NHL. It doesn't really make sense for a player to sign an extension with a team he hasn't played for outside of a free agency situation. Especially when free agency is months away for him. He can easily cash in this July.
  2. I guess another season of everyone's favorite morning radio show, Marty and The Moose. Then Lou would have had to find a bandaid. As said above, I'd guess a Bernier level goalie
  3. These players are drafted based on what management thinks they will become years from now. Considering how many internet "experts" called Larsson a bust, I'm willing to at least see what McLeod can do before I slap "3rd liner" on him.
  4. I agree with CR76. This isn't the movies. Many times a captain is just the guy who talks to the ref. Others, they are the guy who can keep the room together and relate to everyone on the team on some level. When captains are true leaders, a lot of time its by example. Stevens lead by example mostly. The heroic captain making a speech and leading to victory is rare. Although, if the "you're next" incident happened with a Ranger captain, it'd be an NHL legend re-played in MSG and NBC nightly. So those moments do occur from time to time. Just not at all frequently.
  5. Don't ever plan around this team. You'll be much happier. Oh.. and let's go Devils if they happen to feel like it tonight.
  6. I figured this was as good a place as any to mention that Blandisi and Quennville were selected for the AHL All Star game.
  7. We'd have to get Stempniak from Carolina first, but maybe Columbus would be interested Sorry, had to
  8. We already traded defense for offense with Hall. You trade Severson and that leaves us really empty back there for years. Especially if we lose someone in expansion. Or we sign some more Lovejoy's.
  9. McMullen was definitely a penny pinching scrooge but the theme of the night is him bringing the team to jersey. That's why the logo makes sense. These guys all have good and bad to them, but I think this night is about celebrating the good
  10. I think it's good to celebrate the whole history. No Rockies, no Devils. And it ties in with McMullen making the risk of purchasing a troubled franchise and moving them into a crowded location.
  11. Same here, I'd gladly pay for one if they are selling them
  12. Ohhhh pretty
  13. Reminds me of the old 80's fights before tie-downs were mandatory. Probert would pull out of one sleeve so his arms would he free.
  14. They killed it when they had 6 outdoor games the year we were in it. Now they are just clubbing it's corpse.
  15. It Vegas is looking to reach the cap floor and have another veteran in the room they may