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  1. The Devils Uniforms

    I didn't mean you in particular , I'm just saying the backlash some are expecting probably won't materialize because it's not that noticeable of a change unless you are looking for it
  2. GDT: Heroes vs Villains 7:00 Da Garden

    Lets go devils. I'm not really sure how Hayes will keep up with McLeod but we'll see. Also cool to see Cangelosi in a game. He was a Devils fan growing up from what I read
  3. The Devils Uniforms

    I think that will be the reaction mostly. Casual fans will hardly notice for the most part.
  4. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Well I get his gripe. They drafted him and invested tons of time and money in him and he was nothing but an inaccurate slapshot. He has every reason in the world to blame the devils and not himself
  5. 2017 Training Camp thread

    I wouldn't look at this as a knock on him. They knew he wasn't going to be on the big team this year and they can't put him in Binghamton so they let him join his junior team. Probably the same story for everyone other than Guay
  6. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    That saves time so it's much more economical. What did Gelinas say?
  7. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Re: Facebook devils groups. Do yourself a favor and leave them. I did a couple of years ago and I felt much better. The negative experience far outweighed the positive. Some of those people as a very special kind of stupid.
  8. Johnny Mac joins Coyotes as Asst. Coach

    Ah good for Bryce. Great guy. Too bad be fell a cliff so fast but by all accounts he was great in the locker room. Hopefully he's a really good tv personality
  9. 2017 Training Camp thread

    When Erixon went to the Rangers, their fan base and tv commentators treated him like the next coming of Paul Coffey so I'll just assume he's amazing because they never go overboard with expectations of new players
  10. The NJ Offseason Thread

    I don't think most casual fans will really notice much outside of the first few games. I remember showing it to a devils fan who is more casual and she basically just said "why does it look weird" and then moved on. I personally don't like them and don't think there was enough change to warrant changing anything. Once they came up with the one they have now, they should have shrugged and stuck to the old ones. But when you dump all that money into researching and redoing the jerseys, I guess they felt like they had to change something to justify it.
  11. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Loving Cory's helmet for this year
  12. The Devils Uniforms

    Yeah. The white ones looked very plain on the ice. Like practice jerseys, which is what I thought they had on for the first few minutes
  13. The Devils Uniforms

    Changing the logo would have been a Gorton's Fisherman, Buffaslug, or Mooterus level mistake
  14. The Devils Uniforms

    I prefer the old ones but whatever. I'll get used to these. We won't even notice after a couple of games. I fully expect the old ones back within 5 years.
  15. Will Butcher Agrees to Terms with Devils

    I think people are being pretty reasonable about him. I'm not noticing a lot of people calling him anything but a possible 2nd pairing guy once developed. Seems fine