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  1. You became a fan of the Devils, didn't you?
  2. First off, please don't tell me what to argue and not to argue. Secondly yes, the league hurts themselves when it comes to the casual fan. Watch how NBC struggles to talk about a team that isn't one of their chosen ones when the playoffs roll around. It's pathetic. The Devils had one of the best goalies the game for 20 years and the league only really focused on them if they made the finals and had to. Or if they played the Rangers. How does that grow the game? The league can only crown one champion, so why limit yourself by showing a few that may not be there in the end?
  3. Chicago gets ratings, and then the league screws themselves later. When you only showcase 6 teams and they don't make your conference finals or Stanley Cup finals, you've trained your casual fans to not care.
  4. I think anyone that followed Doc was going to get some push back regardless of how good they are or aren't. Cangy is fine, but he couldn't reel in Chico like Doc could haha
  5. Schedule on this helpful graphic.
  6. I'm happy for Palmieri getting a chance to represent his country. I'm sad for the people who find an excuse to be miserable about everything.
  7. I hope when he's done, that number will have a Taylor Hall association in the Devils organization and we look back and say "remember when that other guy wore that number?"
  8. I believe number 9 is the most retired # in the NHL. Clearly, the time has come for us too! (Kidding, but this kid could have a great career in NJ)
  9. Lou could never seem to evolve with the times when it came to fan relations. He still believed in the old school ideas of hiding the team away.
  10. Who cares how he uses his season tickets? I sold Ranger tickets all the time. I'd make 3 times what i paid for them and not have to deal with drunk college kids starting fights for 3 hours. Plus, Sundays are perfect for relaxing and watching some football before the work week. Yeah, and the rest of the time we watch pitchers in the bullpen scratching their crotch. Baseball has fallen to the wayside because of the steroid scandal and the fact that it's a snoozefest. It's ok to have on in the background, but sitting for 3 hours of 9 guys standing around in a field while a batter fouls off 6 straight pitches just isn't that entertaining to a lot of people anymore.
  11. I'm as confused as the last 2 posters.... What's wrong with football? And why would future generations go towards baseball?!?
  12. We got it. You don't like Subban.
  13. The only thing in my head watching that highlight video
  14. Just want to add that we have no idea what Shero is working on. It's not like Chicago and Carolina agreed to the trade and then Chicago calls Jersey to see if they want the same trade. Shero can't be everywhere at once.
  15. The Penguins winning doesn't bother me too much. It's the way nbc will be cramming Crosby down our throats even more that's going to bother me