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  1. Nashville was doing it before the Devils. But all of those chants, including "its all you're fault" were being used in colleges and minor league games (I personally saw it at the UHL Danbury Trashers games) long before they made it to the NHL.
  2. For real... People get on the Devils about attendance but I think we looked better than that most playoffs. Then again its been a long time and its hard to remember.
  3. I'm really loving the Ranger fans today.... A lot of whining about the Brassard goal
  4. Since I wasn't in the arena for any of the cup wins, the Henrique goal stands as the loudest moment I've personally experienced live. If you could sell the feeling in that arena when that goal went in, you'd be a billionaire.
  5. Considering some of the reactions here when he got sent down, it sure was haha. Clemmensen Taormina Eckford Urbom All legends that we let go
  6. Can't believe we let him go. True legend after that one really good half season. /sarcasm
  7. Nice thanks
  8. Yep. This is the first number 1 as the Devils. I didn't look at Colorado or KC but I'm sure someone has the info at the ready
  9. So... They kind of have to have a draft party, right?
  10. I think you have to go Patrick. Injuries happen, but he has shown an ability to dominate. We've been saying we need someone like him at center forever and now we have a chance. The idea of him and McLeod down the middle in a few years is too good to pass up, as is the idea of a Hall-Patrick-Palmieri line. Or hell maybe even Kovy depending what Shero is thinking
  11. Good news. I woke up today and its still real.
  12. Someone always has to be negative
  13. Canadian fans are the biggest whiners. Edmonton picked first for half the decade and Toronto did last year. Reminds me of some Canadian fans in the uppers the night Parise scored the first hat trick at the Rock saying"oh of course, he's Canadian." Might wanna fact check that one.
  14. Well. 26% chance of a top 3 pick. Not terrible. And 33.2% chance at a top 5. We shall see
  15. While I was never a big kovalchuk guy, the idea of Taylor Hall passing to a guy who can finish is intriguing. I trust Shero to do what's best, whether it's keep him or sign and trade.