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  1. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    He sounds motivated. He's coming to training camp with a chip on his shoulder next year
  2. Brodeur likely to lead 2018 HOF class

    From what I've read, Marty has put in a ton of work behind the scenes working with Allen even after becoming assistant GM
  3. Brodeur likely to lead 2018 HOF class

    Eh I don't know. That's a bit of a stretch. I don't know how many members of Blues management are even still around let alone holding grudges from nearly 30 years ago. They didn't even offer him a contract until December
  4. If Zajac came back today...

    Zacha is doing some positive things. He made a good play to get the puck to Wood for his second goal in Chicago for example. This is a young team with low expectations. Its a perfect situation for him to play and learn and gain confidence. I don't like the idea of selling off on a 20 year old with low trade value. A player can develop a lot in their early 20s. Letting him grow is a risk worth taking. He isn't getting you a guaranteed commodity at defense because he himself is not yet a guaranteed commodity. Edit. Basically what martyisthebest said but with more words.
  5. Defensive help

    This exactly. Carlson seemed like a lay up. But I get it at the time. They thought they had something in Corrente at the time and Tedenby looked like a dynamic player that we needed. Unfortunately both of those scenarios were so very wrong
  6. GDT: 11/7/17 Blues @ NJ Devils

    This is a young team and they are going to have rough patches. The hot start was nice but the team needs to learn to get through slumps. This is good experience for a young team to work together. I love Hall stepping into a leadership role and his determination to get into the playoffs. As for Zacha, it takes time to develop. He's made some nice plays but seems to still lack confidence. The skills are there. I wouldn't give up on him yet but I wouldn't turn away a good offer of a defenseman either. Also a benching isn't always negative or harsh. A lot of time it's just a coach giving a little rest mentally or physically.
  7. GDT: Ottawa @ NJ 7:00 10/27

    I don't think most casual fans in this area even know that's going on with the Devils or hockey right now. The season is new, Yanks just got eliminated, football still going. It isn't a priority to a lot of people just yet. The Devils attendance pretty much never picked up until after the holidays. Hell I mentioned hockey the last week of September in preseason and someone said "didn't hockey just end?"
  8. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    I assume eye contact is also prohibited
  9. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    For the uneducated (me), how do 3 way deals work?
  10. Who is the Devils' Best Goaltender Right Now?

    There is a huge difference between looking good in spot starts and being able to do it consistently. Its going to take a lot for Kinkaid to be considered the best on the Devils. While I like him a lot, I'm not sure how he would do with a starter's workload
  11. Who is the Devils' Best Goaltender Right Now?

    Cory Schneider. That was easy. Love KK but he's got a ways to go to be any where near Schneiders consistency
  12. Best and worst moments in the first decade at the Rock

    Mentioned already, but Brodeur coming back from injury against Colorado (with a shutout if I remember right) was great. What an atmosphere. I'd also add the first retro night. It was a of fun and very new. They beat Pittsburgh up too which was nice. As for bad, losing to Philly in 2010 in the first round and getting eliminated with a 3-0 loss. The team showed up to lose. No fire, no effort. It was probably the most disgusted I've ever felt with them. I left after the second period which i never do.
  13. Only 6 years between posts lol

    SatansDevils and his "sources" during the Summer of Kovy thread will be forever etched in my mind.
  14. Only 6 years between posts lol

    Sterio and I had our differences (plenty of them) but this team is being put together exactly how he wanted it. I hope he's enjoying it wherever he is.
  15. Ray Shero Appreciation Thread

    The best way to appreciate Shero is of course to point out one thing that wasn't really his fault. Shero has done an amazing job and I hope Shattenkirk has a weird jock itch he can't seem to get rid of. Not bad. Just annoying.