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  1. Anyone Interested in Lindors?

    FFFFFF NO!!!! Hated that puke in Philly and always will. Used to love watching Scotty lay the smack down on him.

    Hey I liked CAA. Nothing better than walking back over the tunneled bridge after a big win. I moved out of state a few years back, but I would absolutely pay 100 bones to see the Devils play.....anywhere. You would have to be stupid to not pack a piece anywhere in Newark, but it wouldn't keep me from seeing the Devils play in the new Arena. If you are not supporting them financially you can't gripe about them one bit.
  3. Zubrus or Parise on 1st line?

    Noone works harder or deserves to be on the 1st line more than Zach. But the 2nd line with JL, TZ and ZP has great chemistry. I haven't watched Zubrus much, But in Lou we trust.
  4. Patrick Elias overpaid?

    OK I'm glad someone finally brought up this question. Patti is a great player, but worth $7.5 a year I don't think so. Forsberg, Jagr, Mario and the yes the great one were players you would pay those kind of feds to at one point in careers. Crosby is worth every penny of the almost $9mill a year he is getting. Sure the Devils play defensive hockey, but you simply can't keep the great players from scoring goals. OK riddle me this......is Patrick Elias worth $1.2 mill a year more than Marty. Fine different position. Are they going to hang his number from the rafters when he retires....if he retires with the Devils? That would be NO. When was the last time you sat on the edge of your seat knowing he would score a goal in a game. Kinda like we all did watching our second year wonder kid Zach. He is a great player but we are not getting our moneys worth at that cost.