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  1. GDT: ECF Game 5 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

    So impressed with this team. Glad we're finally blowing out the Queen.
  2. Wow. Haven't been this proud of NJ in years. Fun fact: the last time the Devils won 8 playoff games... they went on to win the Stanley Cup.
  3. Devils 2011 Draft Recap

    Reid Boucher was the leading scorer in USHL. Definitely good value for a fourth round pick. Reece Scarlett was pegged to go in the third round, and we nabbed him in the sixth round. Bit more than a bunch of projects. I trust our scouting staff a lot more than someone that doesn't know who these kids are.
  4. Devils’ coaching move could be close

    George Falkowski (sp) of News12NJ is reporting on tonight's sports report that Mike Eaves could be named coach as early as Tuesday. No guarantee as Craig Ramsey is supposedly still in the mix, but he thinks it will be Eaves.
  5. Devils’ coaching move could be close

    I haven't heard of Eaves, but the more I do, he does sound like he might be the right man for the job. I'm still stubborn and hope for Mike Haviland, though. He's won on every level of hockey he's traversed - yes, he even has a Stanley Cup on his resume as an assistant coach for the Chicago Blackhawks - so it only seems probable that the head coach is the next step for him. And he has the Jersey roots.
  6. Devils use 4th pick to steal Larsson

    I've been waiting sixteen months to see Larsson in the Red and Black. Admittingly, I didn't think it was realistic. I wanted Victor Hedman before him for a similar reason. And yet, here we are. Everything went as perfectly as I wanted. Hell, even our later draft picks were impressive. What a great draft.
  7. 2011 IIHF World Championship

    Jagr still has it. Pando doesn't have anything. Good job Czechs. Looks like they could repeat. Semis vs. Sweden is going to be extremely tough for both of them, but either way I'll be happy with the outcome.
  8. Tsn Devils Off-Season Report

    At age 35? Uhh, no.
  9. Tsn Devils Off-Season Report

    It has Elias ranked higher than Kovalchuk. And Rolston is above Zajac. TSN's ratings are absolutely obscene.
  10. 2011 IIHF World Championship

    Even as a Canadian, as usual I can't help but cheer for Sweden.
  11. Keith Kinkaid could one day replace idol Martin Brodeur

    Replace Marty? Uh, talk about big shoes to fill...
  12. Cormier pleads guilty, Won't get criminal record

    sh!tty hit but still a fantastic player. He'll learn from it. I'm sure he already has.
  13. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Just wanted to stop by and say KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVY!!!!!!!!!! I am in shock that we have him for the rest of his life. What an amazing trade.
  14. GDT: Devils Vs. Blackhawks 4/2/10

    Peters deserves worse.
  15. Happy Thanksgiving

    Try watching it live when it happened. Pissed me off so damn badly.