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  1. Linus Omark?

    Wasn't from twitter - it was on fb http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chico-Resch/167080077595
  2. Linus Omark?

    After seeing this article: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=547965 "Omark took a lot of heat for his spin-o-rama goal in a 4-3 shootout win over Tampa Bay on Dec. 10. He defended the move, saying he has always enjoyed entertaining a hockey crowd." This definitely didn't seem like someone who would fit in the Devils organization. Sorry for posting this if this blog does seem to be a waste of time. Like I mentioned, the only reason I even heard of it was because Chico posted it on his fb. Or maybe he has an intern posting for him?
  3. Linus Omark?

    So I haven't been here in a while (apologies!) but saw this and wondered if this blog was worth checking up on: http://statusquoblog.weebly.com/rumor-mill.html I saw that Chico posted it on fb last week. The one that caught my eye was the mention here: "11/9 - The Devils are in definite talks with the Oilers, and are interested in Linus Omark. The Oilers want a young defenseman but the Devils have made it clear that Larrson is out of the picture." Linus Omark???
  4. How many of the 30 NHL teams have you seen live?

    Hrmm... The Devils of course Kings Stars Canucks Blues Islanders Bruins Ducks Sharks Avalance and some other team from New York whose name escapes me. Ehh... they're probably not worth mentioning then.
  5. Man arrested in Philly for smoke bomb during game

    Seriously. Considering how many cameras are in there, I'm surprised it took this long.
  6. F*ck the NHL Network

    Having On The Fly broadcast for (seemingly) the bulk of their daily schedule is a bit annoying, but I'm just glad there is an NHL Network. Having no access to Center Ice and nearly any Devils televised games for nearly three years when I moved out here (my last apartment did not allow Direct TV) I'm still in the "thank the hockey gods they're even broadcasting rangers games" mode. Okay. That's a bit of an exaggeration...
  7. Another hysterical Chico-ism

    "Doc, I like wraps. I like veggie wraps, chicken wraps... but I know what David Clarkson likes. He likes the rubber wrap." I had to rewind this several times I was laughing so hard!
  8. Pronger Sucks balls

    They didn't even show this on the Sucks ... err. Ducks telecast. I only saw this on the recaps on NHL On The Fly. I wonder why?
  9. Comments from the Ducks telecast

  10. Devils Observations in California

    Ahhh crap! We never noticed him. We thought we saw Billy Bob Thorton in 118 but we weren't entire sure.
  11. Comments from the Ducks telecast

    I just never heard that term before... Guess I've lead too much of a sheltered life lol
  12. New Jersey Devils' Madden Says Shanahan Can Have No. 11

    Seems like it's just Madden showing class. Personally I hope he doesn't give it up but he's right - it's just a number.
  13. Comments from the Ducks telecast

    Being in SoCal, we had no choice but to watch the Ducks telecast. Their "announcers" (and I use that term loosely) made the following comments during the game: 1) They called Elias the Devils "top scorer". Uhh... correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that be Parise? Yes, Patrik has more assists, but Zach has more goals. 2) They called #20 "Mike" Pandolfo. He changed his name?? 3) They called Johnny Oduya "undersized". "Undersized"?? Explain that one to me! 4) Kept whining how Clarskon "interfered" with Gigure for the Devils 2nd goal. 5) This one really confused us. They called Collin White the "stay at home defenseman". wtf?? and 6) Can someone please explain to me how Anaheim's 3rd goal was a goal? There was no visual proof the puck went over the line in any of the shots. I realize the ref on the ice called it a goal, but shouldn't the all-seeing Gods in Toronto have denied this since they couldn't confirm it? Am I being naive here?
  14. Kings get overpowered by Devils

    That last line should have said: "Greene completed his hat trick of ignominy late in the third period, when he dropped his gloves and then dropped himself"
  15. Devils Observations in California

    And here's a couple of other pics from last night. They were taken on my cell so apologies for the crappy quality: And: The first one was taken at the end of the 2nd period. The second one I think I took right after.