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  1. awesome news. was just talking about how there isn't any arcade bars around me
  2. Sign me up for NSH/OTT finals.
  3. God I really hope you're right
  4. If you think he's even remotely thinking of signing with us after July 1 you're dreaming. It will take a trade to get him if we ever do.
  5. just hard to judge his worth to me, in terms of what we would have to give to get him. people are going nuts in the Kovy thread saying we should 1-1 trade for him, but then others say it will take more than just Kovy to get him, possibly a pick too. We have nothing to offer and it just seems like we'd be giving up a lot for an unsure thing. He has also been on the Blues and Capitals, two teams that are better than we are. Not disagreeing with you but it seems grey to me
  6. Still not "getting" the whole Shattenkirk obsession. What the hell has he done to warrant this much fervor?
  7. How am I still in second place?
  8. Thank fvcking God for that. Now I just need the oilers to lose so Hall doesn't jump off the GWB
  9. fvcking pens are gonna win the goddamn cup again. fvcking a every fvcking year
  10. Time to add another date
  11. Omfg. A Ranger got checked off the puck and one of them yells "INTERFERENCE"
  12. Same guy who was talking about how he was "only 5 when I saw Gretzky lift the cup in 94" Same guy wearing a Lundqvist jersey and calling him a bum the entire game
  13. One of the Ranger fans just said "I blame the kid over there wearing the Calgary jersey" I'm wearing a Gordie Howe jersey.
  14. Here comes the lucky NYR late game come back bounces. NY typical
  15. Wow Rangers and Sabres .... What a classic matchup