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  1. Considering our last goalie was literally the best ever to play the game, we did pretty well with our replacement. We need to start building and utilizing our young talent before hes gone.
  2. fvck me
  4. Hire Fines
  5. I NEED someone to pick one up for me
  6. Oduya. /Halfkidding
  7. I'd rather have people actually making noise and a few "inconvenienced" (read:annoyed) fans than the usual echo chamber of complete fvcking silence that is our arena %99 of the time.
  8. Just pay for Textra pro. It's worth it. Miles beyond any other text UI
  9. Pretty Cool, can't hurt the draw
  10. You jinxed my one GDT streak! The posters for tonight are amazing
  11. like jagknife said, its totally plausible that they use Hartford as a "hold-out" of sorts until either Nassau gets updated somehow or perhaps the Wilpons build a stadium next to Citi Field. I would hope they go there as the Whalers though, that would be awesome.
  12. how do we always do so well in the second game of a BTB?
  13. Brylin is Assistant Coach with Albany, but in terms of the main team, yeah its just Dano. Would love to see Elias in a coaching or management position someday,
  14. DOWN THE HALL-WAY /johnsterling