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  1. I was looking back at some of the area teams drafts, and I have to say, that 2000 draft by the Isles has to be the dumbest picks in history. Just another reason Millbury should be fvcking banned for life
  2. The shore is great. The Bennies that invade every summer are not
  3. Hey man haven't you heard of the Newark Bulldo- oh wait me either
  4. The PR staff are smothering this kid..
  5. What I meant was "who cares what he thinks anymore"
  6. He's a flyer, fvck him
  7. Hindsight is 20/20. Flyers table looked disappointed once we took Nico
  8. Still disgusts me to see Marty standing with the Blues
  9. Nuff said.
  10. They're gonna stream it on the NBC sports app if that helps
  11. All depends on if he likes the jerseys or not
  12. Hope the "New York Lifestyle" is worth getting booted from the playoffs every year
  13. NHL instituting a new rule for Coaches Challenges to fix the offside bullsh!t: If it's a bad challenge, your team gets a 2min delay of game penalty. I like
  14. That really sucks. RIP Cliff.
  15. What's worse is that Patty had to do this in-person. Wasted his time for a 3 minute long interview with a "radio legend" who couldn't give two squirts of sh!t about him or his profession