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  1. First in-person game was in 96 as a 6 year old and haven't looked back since, Glad theres some new blood making some interesting topics in the slow offseason, when (for 5 years straight) its mostly dead here save for playoff and draft talk and people bitching at each other over opinions
  2. Ouch. Career over.
  3. Couldn't hurt at this point.
  4. I picked Chicago to take it. fvck me
  5. tssssssssss whassat? (sorry to those who wont get the reference)
  6. I want all of the Canadian teams eliminated in the first round, except Montreal. I want Montreal to take it to game 7, double OT, and bury one past a face-down-on-the-ice Henry. .Hope they crash his fvcking net tonight too. What is with teams not answering douchebags like Kreider?
  7. Ochocinco?
  8. Hawks are in the same boat. Haven't scored yet in the playoffs and could go down 3 games today
  9. WOW. If the league were smart they'd give him a heft suspension. Thats 20+ game worthy.
  10. Don't understand all the Caps love? I like Ovechkin as much as the next guy but that team hasn't done sh!t in the playoffs ever. Blah I'm no one to talk. Hawks have been my WC team since the 90s so now I get to be called a bandwagoneer every year.
  11. Alright folks! today is the day! if you still want to join you have until 7PM Eastern to do so. Rags vs Habs at 7 and Boston vs Sens at 7 also.
  12. finally got an "error" message. looks like their site can't handle the traffic: "We’re just giving you a little extra time to think about your picks. The 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge will be live shortly."
  13. wow their website absolutely blows
  14. Maybe a little friendly competition will help ease the pain of this abysmal season Password: RWTD (all caps)
  15. As long as there's no LucifersDog or BeetleBum I'm cool with this place. LGD