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    I know the pieces fit. Professional computer whatever. affable, outdoorsy. sports fan: NJDevils, Browns, baseball, NCAA, WRC, F1, music, food, guns, Jeep, FSU
  1. I'll say it again ... of all the Devils teams, I'm the most proud of this group!
  2. Still proud of our Devils
  3. Ugh!
  4. Of all the Devils teams I've rooted for over the past 20 odd years - I am the "most" proud of this one
  5. sorry - double post
  6. THIS! So true ... this playoff run more or less cements that the days of the "goon squad" are nearing an end. Keep the guys together; four lines win, not 3.33 ;-) Anyway I still have faith in this team, this series, but ...
  7. Whew!
  8. Eh, who gives a sh!t what the media writes or whatever; it's their job, so they're going with a "no doubt the peeps will read this". Come Saturday morning, it won't matter anyway
  9. What a DOOSH! Speaking of media bias ... I noticed that WFAN STILL talk Rags all the way up to "handing the mic's over to Matt & Sherry" on the "Devils flagship" I know that's how it'll always be, but damn if it isn't beautiful listening to them whine!
  10. Wow! Just when I think ... well, I won't say it. Great come from ahead win, boyz!
  11. This is true - they definitely became complacent after the 3-0 outburst. I'm nervous as hell for this 3rd period
  12. GRRRRRRRRRRR! That is all ...
  13. Nervously excited ... Can't wait for gametime
  14. I like it! I will reiterate - when the Devils play their game, I honestly dont' think a team can beat them in a 7 game series Let's Go!
  15. HAHA Those were the days!!