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  1. What do you think of these?

    I talked to a guy a few weeks ago who works in the industry, who upon me asking stated that The Devils and Blackhawks may not make the switch to the new uniforms until the following season 08-09'. These two teams have been the most resistant to the change since rumours surfaced before/during the lockout season. One reason for this might be that Reebok is going to have trouble producing all of these new "Uniforms" in time for the season to begin. Of course I was absolutely estatic at this prospect, and in line with a cool team like the Hawks. We will see for sure, but it sounds quite plausible to me being that Lamarillo and the Devils and Wirtz and the Blackhawks are very much traditionally oriented. So when only these teams were mentioned it made complete sense to me. It would be great to see these teams skating around looking cool, while the rest of the league look like fools!