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  1. Hello from France

    What do ya mean "different" ????
  2. Hello from France

    Hey, Thanks for the messages. I play on the left wing... but the coach wants me to be an defenseman someday... Lmao, hope you'll stick with your french classes... It's tough but it's worth ... (much tougher than learning english anyway !!!!). Bonjour aux cousins canadiens ! J'adore le CH aussi ...
  3. New RBK jersey ...

  4. New RBK jersey ...

    Hey, Martysb3tt3r, I said I UNDERSTOOD ! I just missed them 'cause I'm fast reading and posting from work... Maybe the administrators should remove this thread... No problem Chimaira_Devil_#9...
  5. New RBK jersey ...

    OK, thanks.
  6. Hello from France

    Thanks very much !
  7. New RBK jersey ...

    Hey, ya don't need to answer that way !!!! What does that mean "there's no excuse" ???? You guys should calm down !!!!
  8. New RBK jersey ...

    Hi, I just wanted to know if someone had infos about the Devils' new RBK jersey... Do you know when it'll be released ???? I just ordered a Devils' jersey. I wanna wear it at my ice hockey trainings, which will start again in September. I was supposed to receive the former CCM model, but they run out of stocks in Europe (CCM Sweden), so I have to wait for the new one. So I'd like to get an idea of what it looks like... Thanks for your help.
  9. Hello from France

    Hi everybody. Just thought I'd say hi ! My name is Stephane. I live in the south-east of France, in a town called Toulon. I play hockey there. Hope the devils will have a great 07/08 season ! Bye, Stephane