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  1. Question from Wings fan

    thanks for the info guys, gives me a good idea who we are getting. I agree with what some of you have said ... although it sucks he doesnt have a big slapper, with the jedi tomas holmstrom in front, those deflectable wristers could be deadly. also many of you say that the last years of the contract he will decline. is this just based on his age? i guess im spoiled since shneids and lidstrom were in their upper 30's last season and of couse father time chelios at 45.
  2. Question from Wings fan

    First off I just wanna say you guys have an awesome board, secondly I have always respected the Devils and their consistant success (except '95 when you beat us in the finals!). When Shneider left to the bastard Ducks we lost a puck moving d-man with a hell of a shot and offensive capability. I've heard Rafalski is a good puck moving defenseman, and on a defense minded team put up decent offensive numbers last season. Also Ive heard that hes good very good defensively. Sounds like a solid pickup for the Wings. To the people who watched him for years, will he be good #2 d-man for 5 years? Was he worth the price?