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  1. .... lol, suck it!
  2. The book on Lokti was that he was a playmaker first.. above all else, so maybe his goals are just a plus.
  3. Not to change the subject of this too much.. but I find myself watching with alot of intrest the dynamic between Kovy and Lokti. There is clearly a hierarchy involved (for obvious reasons,age,time with the team and notoriety) but with that in mind I think there could be a little rivalry or competition (healthy) starting, that I think could spark the team. Has anyone been on teams that have had teamates fueling each other? maybe just wishful thinking?
  4. "light-hearted fashion" being the key to this lesson in the intricacies of geographic history relating to hockey and the former "soviet" regime.
  5. Here is what a former teammate thinks of Loktionov..
  6. Didn't Henrique and Loktionov win a memorial cup together with the Windsor Spitfires?
  7. Ok here is a good one... I golfed with a friend saturday and he told me Parise sold his home in north jersey and that he left all kinds of stuff in it, including a nice NJ Devils golf bag and NJ Devils game jerseys. So I dont even know if Parise OWNED a home here in Jersey.?? Did he have a house here? I did a quick search and found nothing about it.
  8. Don't forget Zidlicky and his help with the PP
  9. Oakland Raiders new GM Reggie McKenzie is already paying dividends for the Raiders by hiring new head coach Dennis Allen, the former DC for the broncos. Seems like a solid move on McKenzie' part, the first defensive minded HC since John Madden and it weakens a division rival... win-win! I can feel the winds of change already! HALLELUJAH!! BROTHERS AND SISTERS!! Can I get a HELL YEAH!! from the congregation!!!
  10. After reading all the good words about "Breaking bad" I started watching it streaming on netflix, and I just wanted to thank everyone who said it was great. I think it is probably the best tv series I have ever seen! "Sopranos" might come the closest. I had never heard of it, maybe because it was on AMC, but I am hooked now... I mean two or three episodes a night, very addicting! I didn't know or hear about the all of the emmy's or golden globes it has won but the characters of Walt and Jesse are equal or better than Tony and Michael in Sopranos.I read this in wikipedia and I think it says it nicely... Ross Douthat of The New York Times, in a response to Klosterman's piece, compared Breaking Bad and The Sopranos, stating that both series are "morality plays" that are "both interested in moral agency". Ross went on to say that Walter White and Tony Soprano "represent mirror-image takes on the problem of evil, damnation and free will". Walter as a man who "deliberately abandons the light for the darkness" while Tony is "someone born and raised in darkness" who turns down "opportunity after opportunity to claw his way upward to the light." Thanks again for turning me on to the show, to bad it isn't still in production!
  11. oh tut, tut biff.. lets retire to the conneticut mansion for some tea and crumpets... leave the commoners to their gluttony
  12. according to some reports that i have read, sandusky was the heir apparent to succeed paterno after he retired. The first time sandusky was "caught" with a kid was in 1998. In 1999 paterno told sandusky he would not be the head coach (according to the grand jury report). Is it just me or does the timing of that indicate that paterno knew back then. So don't BAN him from the campus or athletic facilities.. just make sure he can't be the head coach. To me paterno knew what sandusky was. edit.. article about the students and analogy to the people abused by Catholic priests..
  13. The second paterno realized that his "superiors" were not going to do anything ( oh wait.. they told sandusky he could not bring any more kids to school.. lol) would probably have been a good time to go to the police.
  14. Wow, how predictable.. manta making fun of Al Davis when his body hasn't even gotten cold yet. lol
  15. modell was the prototypical "greedy owner". He bought the stadium and assumed all costs and collected rent from the indians and his own team. He lost the indians because he didn't share revenue on the loge seats or fix the locker rooms etc.. and then he bitched because they built jacobs field and every one moved over there.. well DUH... so he made his bed and the city didn't care if he slept in it. The secret deal with baltimore didn't look too good either, it smacked of memories of how the colts left in the middle of the night. He was quite the hypocrite also when he joined in the lawsuit to try and stop al davis from moving the raiders to L.A. the difference being that davis didn't own oakland-alemeda stadium therefore was not resposible for upgrades to the stadium. Modell wanted his cake and wanted to eat it too.. ergo, he was a greedy bastard and didn't care a sh!t about the cleveland brown fans.. pure and simple.