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  1. .... lol, suck it!
  2. The book on Lokti was that he was a playmaker first.. above all else, so maybe his goals are just a plus.
  3. Not to change the subject of this too much.. but I find myself watching with alot of intrest the dynamic between Kovy and Lokti. There is clearly a hierarchy involved (for obvious reasons,age,time with the team and notoriety) but with that in mind I think there could be a little rivalry or competition (healthy) starting, that I think could spark the team. Has anyone been on teams that have had teamates fueling each other? maybe just wishful thinking?
  4. "light-hearted fashion" being the key to this lesson in the intricacies of geographic history relating to hockey and the former "soviet" regime.
  5. Here is what a former teammate thinks of Loktionov..
  6. Didn't Henrique and Loktionov win a memorial cup together with the Windsor Spitfires?
  7. Ok here is a good one... I golfed with a friend saturday and he told me Parise sold his home in north jersey and that he left all kinds of stuff in it, including a nice NJ Devils golf bag and NJ Devils game jerseys. So I dont even know if Parise OWNED a home here in Jersey.?? Did he have a house here? I did a quick search and found nothing about it.
  8. Don't forget Zidlicky and his help with the PP