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  1. Funny, but sadly plausible.
  2. Really cool. Thanks for sharing.
  3. You can use promo code SANDYCLAUS for $8 off right now! -Meb
  4. Aaaaannnddd... We have a winner. Tickets were just emailed. Sorry to those who didn't get em this time. Better luck next time. LETS GO DEVILS!
  5. Hello All, I was lucky enough to get a pair of club seats for tonight so I am giving away my regular season tickets. None of my friends or family could use them so I would rather see them used then empty. Especially with how big tonights game is, we need all the support for the boys tonight we can get! They are 2 tickets in section 231. First person to respond via PM can have them. I just need your email address so I can forward them to you via Ticketmaster. I will pay the minor forwarding fee, so no worries there. LGD! -Meb
  6. Sorry folks both pairs have been claimed. LETS-GO-DEVILS!
  7. *****Both tickets have been claimed***** Hello all, I'm usually somewhat of a troller on here so you probably don't know me, but I am a devils STH and enjoy reading the posts on this site. I know this is somewhat last minute but I won a luxury suite to tomorrows game as part of the "Frozen Over" early renewal program. As a result I have everyone I would normally give my tickets to going to the game with me in the suite. So I wanted to offer my normal tickets to anyone on here who wants them for free. I will pay the minor transfer fee on Ticketmaster to forward them to you electronically. I also had my tickets doubled to 3 games as part of the same promo. As it would so happen they doubled my tickets to the same game. So I have my two normal tickets in section 231, and two bonus tickets in section 232. So the first two folks who respond to me via private message can have them. I will give the first person my two tickets, and the second person the bonus tickets. To forward the tickets via Ticketmaster I just need your first name, last name, and e-mail address. I would rather the seats filled by Devils fans than empty. ENJOY!