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  1. GDT: Montreal Canadiens @ NJ DEVILS 7:00PM

    Brian, I finally found my luck devils hat in the bottom of my closet! That thing has an amazing undefeated record(38-0-5-0 at CAA)! ...no wonder I started out 1-2 at the rock. Things are looking up >=] LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  2. Avery to meet with Colin Campbell

    Didn't think it was possible for that scumbag to sink lower... White needs to come back and deck his ass again asap!

    Of course he does... But hey, it's not like Roy had an ENTIRE season in his prime locked out coming off back to back Vezinas. The way I see it the shootout victories will make up for the wins Brodeur would have had if the 04-05 season existed.
  4. How was your experience getting to and leaving the arena?

    I took the 6:37am train from Bridgewater into Newark Penn, arriving at 7:15am. It was still dark outside and pouring, but did not feel threatened by anyone while walking a few blocks to the arena. i got to the arena at 7:20am, right by the box office and saw a kid my age there(20) with younger kid playing cars on a camping cooler. I asked them if they were waiting on line for the $10 seats and they nodded... I was #3 on line. They, Matt and David, were from the Bronx, but love the Devils. First thing they said to me was "At least we're not the only crazy ones doing this." I laughed and said "Hey, gotta support the team!"(my favorite Seinfeld episode). The kids interviewed by nhl.com actually showed up a little over an hour after we did. At 11am the box office opened. Everyone on line, about 15-20 of us, were given the option to go inside and see what tickets were available for the game... I was able to snag a $25 ticket in section 231! (A ticket that was originally held for a potential 8 game flex plan package that didn't sell). So with my ticket secured, not having to stand on line in the rain anymore, and having 8 hours to kill before the game, the three of us went exploring around Newark. I bonded pretty fast with Matt and David and we plan on going to a game or two together this year(Matt was wearing a personalized White Devs jersey with Butterworth on the back, I was wearing my white Pro Player Elias Jersey). One funny moment from Saturday happened when we walked into a local shoe store. A sales associate immediately showed us that they had the new Jordans in and asked us if the Devils still had "Bookers". "Bookers?" Yeah Bookers...that goalie." Lmao The game was pretty good up until the third period, but the arena is amazing. I had a pretty easy time getting home on the Raritan Valley Line, so I'll definitely take the train in when I go to my next game. It was worth the wait to be a part of history.
  5. Canucks give D McGillis a tryout

    Best of luck to him in Germany. Hopefully he won't become a complete letdown for the Eagles.
  6. Goal Horn @ The Rock

  7. Goal Horn @ The Rock

    Anyone attending the Prudential Center tour on the 21st want to ask?
  8. Goal Horn @ The Rock

    "Hey! We want our goal song back."... Well, do you want the old horn with Rock and Roll(Part 2) back this year? Does anyone want a new horn for the new era at THE ROCK? Does anyone have any information about the horn?
  9. Langs and Cam to get Surgery, White unknown

    i knew about whitey before cause i was at the practice today. i hope it's just swollen but there was a considerable amount of blood. terrible news for langer and cam as well>=[
  10. Who should wear the 'C' this season?

    I voted Elias without a doubt. When you have that much proven talent, experience, and the ability make everyone you play with better(and change a game), you're a born captain. Madden is a solid player with these same capabilities. He could be captain as well. Elias is looking very healthy these days and more like himself. The majority of the team had a rough year last season, and i don't think the 'pressure' of being a captain was the reason why Patty had such a down year. It was the first time he played a full season after Hep-B and i think that played more of part to his down year than anything else(ie the 'cold' that kept him out of those games last year). I'm sticking with Patty, but we'll see who Sutter picks. C-Elias A-Madden A-White/Brylin/Langenbrunner
  11. Langenbrunner won't be on point

    i went to practice today and that's pretty much all they guys were doing. Powerplay drills. elias-zubrus-gionta with rachunek-martin and parise-zajac-clarkson with martin-oduya. I think those combos will work just fine. All the d men we practicing their point shots and martin definitely impressed me picking the corners Also, Colin White was stuck in the face with a puck today and had to be helped off the ice. I did not see him get hit, but when I looked over to the other end of the rink he was on the ice kicking and bleeding profusely. He did not return, so hopefully it's something he'll heal from soon.
  12. Individual Game Tickets??

    sweet i'll definitely make sure i'm at the box office(if its open)
  13. My 2 cents on camp today...now with pics/video

    Thanks for the vid and pics. I'll be there tomorrow morning around 9, so hopefully they'll be practicing before I leave for work around 12:30. I need Super Jay Pando to autograph something for me =]
  14. Training camp opens at South Mountain

    Wow...what the hell? why didn't we see those pictures being taken? that's crap