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  1. New Jersey's Desperate Need for Young Forwards

    Top of my list: Kerby Rychel (rumblings CLB could move him for defensive help... which the Devils could provide...)   Kings' AHL affiliate seems like it has a handful of talented forwards that just may be victims to a numbers game at the NHL level, so they could be in play.   I was actually really bummed when Boston was able to pry Brett Connolly away from Tampa Bay -- he was the young forward who got pushed aside by other prospects and I was hoping somehow the Devils could be the ones to take a chance on him. Two 2nd rounders was too high for the Devils, though.   On a related note - there was a great article on TheScore discussing why moving Drouin is highly unlikely. Essentially, Yzerman was interested in moving up in the draft in 2013-2014 to snag Ekblad... but when Drouin and Vasilevskiy were brought up as necessary pieces for the deal, it was squashed.   Zack Kassian was another player I had thought could end up in NJ. Oh well.
  2. Post here when someone from the 2014-15 Devils gets an NHL job

    I'll always remember how he looked during Scott Stevens night - so amped up he was literally bouncing as he stood at the bench, just waiting for a chance to get on the ice and hit someone. Childlike joy. The guy knows he's lucky to be playing professional hockey (meaning it's a rare thing for people to be able to make a living from playing a sport) and seems to me he's never taken it for granted.
  3. Post here when someone from the 2014-15 Devils gets an NHL job

      I'm friends with his fiancee and I've met Cam a few times. He's a nice guy, and wants to do well by others -- as evidenced by his post-Hurricane-Sandy fundraiser held out in St. Louis -- and he seems to be respected by those with whom he plays. The "new NHL" just phased him out.   From speaking with him, it's also seems to me that hockey is his entire life, and has been since such a young age. I remember a story about him that when he was injured a few years ago and missed a big chunk of games, he wasn't allowed to report to the rink to work out because he was supposed to rest. Instead, he got a weekly pass to his fiancee's gym -- and he was pretty confused and disoriented at first, since he hadn't ever used a "public" gym before.    Good guy. I hope he figures out what to do with his time when he can no longer suit up.
  4. What are the positive you're gonna look at next season?

      Agreed. Honestly, I keep forgetting he's on the roster!     And the Devils will be in the Matthews sweepstakes, given that NJ is not expected to make the playoffs and the new lottery system will be in effect for picks 1-3... plus, it's not like the last-place team wins the draft lottery all that often.   Between 1995 and 2005, the last-place team won the draft lottery only twice: Ottawa (1996), and Boston (1997).   Since the lost lockout season, the last-place team won the draft lottery four times: St. Louis (2006), Tampa Bay (2008), NYI (2009), Edmonton (2010).  
  5. Is This the Patty Elias Swan Song Season?

    If he stays healthy, I'd love to see him accept -- and be happy with -- some kind of a mentor/elder statesman role for the rebuild on a yearly basis. If he can still help out on the third/fourth line and be a veteran presence, that's great. The Devils have the potential for a very young team next year, especially if Elias leaves... and teams do need vets to provide leadership. We also know Zacha has great respect for him. It would be nice to see him pass the torch.   Next season the oldest Devils under contract are Mike Cammalleri (he'll be 34), Andy Greene (33), Ryan Clowe (33), Travis Zajac (31), and Corey Schneider (30). That's two veteran forwards -- can't really rely on Clowe -- out of a group of 12 taking the ice on a nightly basis... if Elias doesn't get re-upped, they'll bring in some other vets to help out.
  6. What are the positive you're gonna look at next season?

    I'm excited for this season - but fully expect another top-10 draft pick kind of season. I think battling it out with the Canes for last place might be a bit much (...he says with rose-colored glasses...) but I expect to duke it out with Philly for next to last/third to last place.   I'd like to see the Devils beat the Flyers & Rangers in every matchup, and then finish next-to-last place in the division to further the rebuild. Of course, that could alienate/piss off Schneider...
  7. What are the positive you're gonna look at next season?

    My understanding is that he's under contract for Sarnia next season, as well - but if he changes and moves to the NHL, then the Devils are on the hook to his old team in the Czech league for a transfer fee. What I'm unclear about is whether Sarnia is required to pay that fee next season (and this past one) or if it's strictly an NHL clause.
  8. Do the Devils Have a Moses?

    I like the inclusion of Greene in the discussion. I'm hopeful that Schneider will still be with the Devils when they experience a championship again (but I'm an optimist)   Similarly, I feel like Zajac could be in the mix, especially if he posted better numbers post-Parise, even 50 points/82 games consistently. The guy's a consummate professional, just doesn't have the skill to really be a first line center. Works his ass off every shift, does everything the coaches ask, never complains. Maybe he's the guy who helps younger forwards in the organization (Henrique, Boucher, Matteau, Zacha, etc.) learn the ropes and guide the way, only to be bought out/traded when the team really pulls it together.   Then again, his contract is long enough -- and I'm an optimist -- that maybe he's the older veteran presence on the 2nd/3rd line anchoring the forwards behind some of the aforementioned guys when the Devils are consistently contenders again. At least, I hope so.
  9. Sheldon Souray in the Players' Tribune

      As someone who's been an outsider for months (years?) now and coming back in - I don't see anything you did in this particular thread to derail it. Seems to be carryover from previous arguments and issues coming into this thread, of which I am unaware.   It wasn't exactly the most on-topic response in the eyes of many, but I don't think anyone would take offense to the statement, "Wow, Scott Stevens will be a great head coach one day."   That aside... I love getting anecdotes like this from players, coaches, GMs, refs, scouts... I can't get enough of legit insights like these that can add some extra spice and personality to the names and faces we already know.    And The Players Tribune has had some great hockey articles this past year. Kevin Shattenkirk's take on elite defensemen springs to mind, and Logan Couture's article on elite centers. Fascinating stuff.   Thanks for sharing this!
  10. 2015 Devils Prospect Scrimmage - 7/18 @ 3PM

    Thanks for these recaps and details! I was hoping to get good feedback from TG's blog, but haven't been able to access it the last day or so.   Hope I can go to this event next year. Sorry if I missed this in the thread-- what would be a fair estimate for the crowd size of this event?
  11. What are the positive you're gonna look at next season?

    Similar to what others have posted, I'm looking forward to just watching the younger players grow, develop, and experience more responsibility in the NHL -- without the pressure of Lou looking over their shoulders on the bench and the added weight of feeling like they're "letting down" the older guys on the team. At this point, the veteran players on the team know what their roles are in all of this -- or at least they should, provided Hynes really is the great communicator we've all heard about -- and the younger guys know that this is turning into THEIR team. It's their opportunity to establish new traditions, expectations, and locker room culture.   It's bizarre, but I actually had a similar conversation with a friend of mine back when the Devils were a middle-of-the-road playoff team in the late 2000s. I had said I wouldn't mind shedding some contracts for youth, speed, and a few years of struggles if it meant setting up for sustained chances of success in the future. (Not that I'm any kind of a fortune teller - I believe I said something along the lines of, "...ya know, like how they're working to build the team in Atlanta." Yeesh.)
  12. My little chat with Kevin Smith about Lou and George Lucas

    I'm late to this party - and also essentially a ghost on the site now - but thanks for posting this, SD. Combining the Devils and Star Wars is fantastic (two topics I really cherish) and the comparison to Lou and George Lucas is spot-on, in some ways. Big ups to Kevin Smith for his response, too.   Also made me think of this section of "High Fidelity" -- "Is it in fact fair to criticize a formerly great artist for his latter day sins? Is it better to burn out than to fade away?"
  13. CBS Sports: All-Time Devils Team

    I know this is similar to the other thread, but figured this would start a different discussion. Criteria is one center, two wingers (regardless of position), two defenders, one goaltender.     I believe CBS Sports is doing this for all the teams around the league, which would make for some interesting reads.
  14. General Devils thoughts post-Schneider deal

    Before the season ended, I had hopes of Stalberg and Raymond filling holes in the Devils' lineup. I still think they would be decent acquisitions, but they aren't "goal scorers" in the traditional sense. Stalberg can produce but I see him as more of a Zubrus player (thought he'd be signed of Zubie walked). I like Raymond's speed, and he can score at times too, but from what I've seen (albeit limited amounts) he doesn't have the same puck possession skills as Stalberg.   Ryder fits the bill of a more traditional scoring forward, but I imagine he'll have a number of suitors.     Long way of saying I'd be thrilled and over the moon if the Devils acquired one of Stalberg or Raymond, and made a move to bolster offense via trading a defender. My favorite pipe dream is acquiring Jamie McGinn from Colorado. Flip a defender + prospect to Colorado for McGinn, take back a bad contract like Greg Zanon and buy him out (Trent Hunter style), and head into the season with a mega-shooter on the wing.
  15. Summer 2013 UFA/RFA Thread