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  1. Bingo. Regarding trades: stockpiling picks. Ain't the worst approach for this organization... I just hope Shero isn't approaching this like some approach fantasy sports: trying to swap multiple assets for a single better asset. "Hey, I really want to get one good player, and so I'm going to trade you two mediocre players instead... see, we both win! You get depth, I get the better overall player!" Only works with really desperate GMs who can't see the writing on the wall. And dammit, I want to see this team be consistently competitive next season. If they could resemble the team that kicked off this season, I would be thrilled: "fast, attacking, supportive" regardless of the score, and a team that responded well to adversity, giving constant hustle. I'll slip back into the shadows now, a-thank ya.
  2. Not exactly a detailed write-up for each club, nor even completely accurate - John Hynes came from the Albany Devils, eh? Interesting that their ranking criteria is not only the strength of prospects, but stability of AHL franchise and physical proximity to the NHL team. For comparison, Bleacher Report's post-2016-draft write-up in June had the Devils at 13th.
  3. Flames have depth on defense, so unless they're moving a contract back to NJ (Smid?), I don't see how Severson would be the lynchpin. Aside from the untouchables in Calgary, I'm not interested in many of their roster players. Shinkaruk would be a worthwhile gamble, maybe Joe Colborne if the Devils wanted some scoring touch on a depth line. Maybe the Devils are willing to take Mason Raymond's contract in exchange for a pick.
  4. --> Essentially his take was "Not a bad pick, unless Jost, Brown, Keller, Dubois, or Nylander are available." Well, Devils scouting department clearly didn't have faith in Brown, so they picked up a free 3rd rounder and snagged this kid.
  5. Not surprising. This means Devils really wanted Jost, too, eh?
  6. ...okay then!
  7. If Devils draft Chychrun, he's a defender with different dimensions than most in the system in that he has offensive upside - or have I misread that scouting report? If that's what he can potentially provide, I'm fine with Devils drafting him. Right now there's Larsson (whose offense hasn't blossomed), Severson (work in progress), Merrill (yikes), Santini (defensive d-man)... a dangerous PP-capable defenseman would be just fine.
  8. I've avoided the forums there, but I enjoyed reading about the prospects for each organization. To those who know better than I... what other sites are free access that give good breakdowns of team prospects, development, etc? Thanks in advance!
  9. Agreed about probability of Stamkos leaving - but even if he's off the books, the Bolts have to lock up Killorn (raise on $2.5 million), Kucherov (due significant raise from $700K with 58 goals in his last two seasons), JT Brown (shmeh), Namestnikov (raise from $800K), Paquette (shmeh), and Nesterov. Plus after next season, Tyler Johnson ($3.3 mil), Ondrej Palat ($3.3 mil), Drouin ($900K), Sustr ($1.4 mil) and Vasilevskiy ($900K). Oh, and Tyler Hedman hits his UFA season. So you're right, Tampa Bay can certainly find a way for next season to fit everyone in -- but I still think they would consider moving a younger player if it meant they could really make a run at Stamkos.
  10. Yes indeed, and I saw that. I'd be thrilled to try and pull that off, but I can't see Los Angeles really mortgaging their future to that extent... Pearson and Toffoli are the only young, team-friendly-contract difference makers they have in the forwards corps. Behind them, it's all young prospects that are relative unknowns. So if LA really believes signing Lucic for a full season will be the true difference maker, and they're okay with sacrificing for the future in an attempt to get another cup while their super locked-up core (Kopitar, Quick, Carter, Gaborik, Doughty, Muzzin, Martinez, Brown) are still productive (...well, excluding Brown, it seems), I can't see Lombardi parting with those young guns. Hopefully you're right and I'm wrong, though!
  11. I thought this could be a fun discussion since the idea was brought up in the "Devils need offense" thread. This is my second attempt at posting it, because for whatever reason my first effort errored and I lost it all. Meh well. This version will be shorter. I looked at teams up against the cap or facing tough constraints, and targeted young players under team control for a few seasons at a good contract or approaching RFA status. Chicago - Teuvo Teravainen. Once heralded as the future offensive catalyst for the club, his spot has been taken by Artemi Panarin. Maybe Chicago looks into moving Andrew Shaw, but he's much more vital to their success than Teravainen. Shero would likely need approval from ownership to take someone like Bickell, too, but if the Devils can get a possible top-6 forward at the expense of burying Bickell in the AHL for a year, it's a good gamble. (...says the poster who doesn't need to shell out $4 million to Bickell) Tampa Bay - Alex Killorn or Vladislav Namestnikov. Both are RFA this offseason, and Tampa needs to not only re-sign Stamkos (if they can), but lock up Kucherov... with Johnson, Palat, and Drouin RFA the following season. Killorn's past contract was $2.5 million for a 40-point season... maybe Yzerman thinks that's too rich and moves him. Namestnikov is just buried on the depth chart. Anaheim - Jakob Silfverberg. Management can't really shake up the core all that much since Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler all have NMC... but Silfverberg got this massive deal following a monster playoff run. He's under team control for 3 more seasons at $3.75 million. He put up 20 goals and 40 points last year, but maybe ANA thinks it's too much $ for the production (similar to Killorn in TB). Boston - Brett Connolly or Alexander Khokhlachev. Connolly is less likely to be moved since they just dealt for him, but their salary cap situation is rough. Khokhlachev has been unhappy that he hasn't been given a true shot at NHL ice time, and he's still young. Maybe Shero swings a deal and gives him a real shot at making the roster.
  12. Top of my list: Kerby Rychel (rumblings CLB could move him for defensive help... which the Devils could provide...) Kings' AHL affiliate seems like it has a handful of talented forwards that just may be victims to a numbers game at the NHL level, so they could be in play. I was actually really bummed when Boston was able to pry Brett Connolly away from Tampa Bay -- he was the young forward who got pushed aside by other prospects and I was hoping somehow the Devils could be the ones to take a chance on him. Two 2nd rounders was too high for the Devils, though. On a related note - there was a great article on TheScore discussing why moving Drouin is highly unlikely. Essentially, Yzerman was interested in moving up in the draft in 2013-2014 to snag Ekblad... but when Drouin and Vasilevskiy were brought up as necessary pieces for the deal, it was squashed. Zack Kassian was another player I had thought could end up in NJ. Oh well.
  13. I'll always remember how he looked during Scott Stevens night - so amped up he was literally bouncing as he stood at the bench, just waiting for a chance to get on the ice and hit someone. Childlike joy. The guy knows he's lucky to be playing professional hockey (meaning it's a rare thing for people to be able to make a living from playing a sport) and seems to me he's never taken it for granted.
  14. I'm friends with his fiancee and I've met Cam a few times. He's a nice guy, and wants to do well by others -- as evidenced by his post-Hurricane-Sandy fundraiser held out in St. Louis -- and he seems to be respected by those with whom he plays. The "new NHL" just phased him out. From speaking with him, it's also seems to me that hockey is his entire life, and has been since such a young age. I remember a story about him that when he was injured a few years ago and missed a big chunk of games, he wasn't allowed to report to the rink to work out because he was supposed to rest. Instead, he got a weekly pass to his fiancee's gym -- and he was pretty confused and disoriented at first, since he hadn't ever used a "public" gym before. Good guy. I hope he figures out what to do with his time when he can no longer suit up.
  15. Agreed. Honestly, I keep forgetting he's on the roster! And the Devils will be in the Matthews sweepstakes, given that NJ is not expected to make the playoffs and the new lottery system will be in effect for picks 1-3... plus, it's not like the last-place team wins the draft lottery all that often. Between 1995 and 2005, the last-place team won the draft lottery only twice: Ottawa (1996), and Boston (1997). Since the lost lockout season, the last-place team won the draft lottery four times: St. Louis (2006), Tampa Bay (2008), NYI (2009), Edmonton (2010).