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  1. Rock rarely shows Devils on Saturdays

    Lou was speaking at a fan club meeting, and he said that they learned a valuable lesson this year. Not to give the league too many dates to choose from. The Devils gave the league lots of options so they choice to give us the friday and sundays. Next year the devils will give the league fewer dates to choose from.
  2. For those saying Vanderbeek doesn't do it all...

    We ran into him on openning night. He was so friendly, but we didn't get dinner! lol
  3. Oduya's Muffs

    I think you are right, and he needs time to get his nhl legs. He is getting better.
  4. Terrace tables? Goal bar? etc.

  5. Ticketmaster holding/releasing tickets

    If you buy an 8 game strip there are still cheap tickets available for the12/7 game. For opening night TM seemed to release a few every evening starting (I think) it was the Tuesday before the game.
  6. The Boredom List: 10 Greatest Games...

    May 2 2003 - Grant Marshall Triple Overtime clincher That was a crazy game.... I will never forget how tired I was and how badly I wanted that game to end in a win.
  7. Devils Fan Mail Ticket Offer

    I will be there, but I already had tickets! I am glad to see people using the promo.
  8. Sean Avery... whatta jerk...

    Gulitti has a quite a few quotes from Avery from tonights post game, if you want to read them. He is a moron. http://njmg.typepad.com/devilsblog/
  9. Experience @ the Arena...Opening NIght

  10. Experience @ the Arena...Opening NIght

    I couldn't agree more. They probably should have opened the restaurant for a few trial seatings to try and work the bugs out before opening night. With any new place there are kinks to be worked out.
  11. Experience @ the Arena...Opening NIght

    Sorry your experience sucked. Your experience is the exact reason we decided to skip the restaurant on opening night. To many things in there would need to get worked out. Try the Italian Hot Dogs in the Taste of Newark section. They were fab! Our over experience was good. Trains in and out were easy for us! The Arena Bar was great for a warm up!! The lines didn't seem to be too bad inside. There are things that can be better, and I am sure they will be. Over all I am pleased, and never ever plan to return to CAA.
  12. New Arena New Traditions

    I couldn't agree more. We look like we are jealous of them whenever we chant this and the rags aren't in the building. It appears like the rags are on our minds all the time...
  13. SOUTH OF THE BORDER - WERE HERE !!!!! -----

    I asked. I was told those screens can be used as TVs, electronic billboards or train timetables.
  14. SOUTH OF THE BORDER - WERE HERE !!!!! -----

    From the mural? I took these...
  15. SOUTH OF THE BORDER - WERE HERE !!!!! -----

    So far the answer I have been given is 90 minutes.