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  1. He had the C on his chest while putting up an amazing 60 points last season! And up until game 27, he had a remarkable 4 goals on the year. Thats a good long time to prove that he wasnt the right man for captain.
  2. On a side note, I find it pretty sad that there are still hundreds of tickets available. Its just indisputable that the Devils have the worst fan support in the league. There are alot of us, but for some reason we're not showing up to the games!!!
  3. you know maybe if there was only a two minute hold period on the tickets..oh wait.
  4. On a side note, Tim Duncan is really underrated. He's lead his team to 4 rings in 9 years, and Finals MVP voters bitch slapped him by giving Tony Parker the award last season. The spurs would be in the gutter without duncan and so they decide to give the award to a frenchman! Thats like giving the losing goalie in a Stanley cup finals the conn sm....oh wait.
  5. I, myself, did not expect attendance to improve immediately. With time, fans will begin to come in as they except the area and prices for tickets become reasonable. However, I do expect sellouts for games against Philadelphia, New York, and even Pittsburgh because they are talented teams with marquee players and, by far, the devils biggest rivals. If there aren't, AT LEAST, 17000 people at these games, there is a serious problem.
  6. ..