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  1. Doesn't really matter. Once the goalie touched the puck (with the poke check) the play was completed. You can't score on a rebound.
  2. Thought everyone here could use a little chuckle. Nice story on former Devil David Hale, who hasn't scored a goal in 230 NHL games so far. Looks like he's turning into a cult figure with the Flames fans. Hale and hearty fans look for No. 1
  3. Here is the video with the new angle and better quality. Pronger Stomps on Kesler's Leg And here is a list with with Pronger's previous suspensions so far. 1995 - 4 Games - Hit player in throat with stick 1998 - 4 Games - Swinging stick at players helmet 2001 - 1 Game - Leaving bench and starting a fight 2002 - 2 Games - Cross checking from behind 2004 - 1 Game - Kicking a player 2007 - 1 Game - Hit Holmstrom from behind (playoff game) 2007 - 1 Game - Elbowing (playoff game) 2008 - ??????? - Stepping on a player
  4. Actually I did mean two different teams (and not that the Flames would transfer to a bottom feeder) because once you sign an offer sheet you have no guarantee that your team will really match it. I'm pretty sure that Penner also hoped that Burke would match Edmonton's offer sheet. Yes, there is a good possibility that Calgary would match even a 10 millions offer sheet but there is no guarantee to it (plus this would also mean that Phaneuf would be the best paid Flame and while he will probably be the future of the franchise, right now Iggy is the face of the Flames and not Phaneuf). Personally I just think that Don Meehan has more knowledge of the game and the business side of it than any poster of an internet message board. I'm pretty sure he knows what he does (or he wouldn't act for 13 of this years All Stars).
  5. Can I officially crown the NJ Devils fans as the most bi-polar in the league? A week ago some people here declared them cup contenders and now after loosing two games people start to act like the Devils are contemned to a lottery pick.
  6. It's called Salzburg. You know the city where this guy called Mozart was born. Did you never watch "The Sound of Music"? I always thought every American has seen this trash. At least every time I tell someone over here that I'm from Salzburg they start to talk about "Edelweiss" and the Trapps.