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  1. Devils reloading with defensive prospects

    Good article but allthose Russians make me nervous. Other than Sarge I've just never trusted them.
  2. New Sens Logos

    While the 3D is kinda tacky they are still better then banana slug/barneys toupe that the Sabers cam out with last year.
  3. Rochester NY Devils fan

  4. Rochester NY Devils fan

    Hi fellow Devils fans! My name is Jake and I'm a Devils fan from Rochester, NY, birthplace of Brian Gionta. I've been a fan of the team a lot longer than he has played though. When they drafted him it was a dream come true and I couldn't wait for him to start playing with them. Strangely enough I became a Devils fan because of Jim Schoenfeld. He used to do tv comercials here in the 80's and when I saw him as the Devils head coach I decided just because of that to be a Devils fans! lol. Well, all these years later I'm still glad I made that decision. Glad to be aboard and cant wait for the season to start! PS-I have been registerd as this name on nj.com for anumber of years but I just hate the board layout there.