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  1. Really thought Loktionov was going to be a mainstay here. Strange tenure.
  2. Agree 100% about Wood. He's perfect for the neo-enforcer role; a guy who isnt a heavyweight but can throw the body and tussle when necessary in addition to making meaningful contributions on the ice.
  3. Damn, missing on Shattenkirk stings. Lots of forwards, didn't even have to mention Quennville or Wood. What kind of value would Henrique and a 2nd have around the league? Fowler, Trouba, top flight D? Sucks because Henrique shores up that second line. Perhaps Jagr on a 1 year band aid if they move Henrique.
  4. Perhaps might've been the worst timing in the world, trade broke minutes after I bumped this
  5. Depends on the path they take to develop him. Hockey is "simpler" with less responsibilities breaking in as a wing compared to center. I had a coach who always used to say centers play chess while wingers play checkers. They can throw him to the wolves at center but I'm not sure that is the best idea with going in as a predominately young team.
  6. Love it
  7. I like it. DSP had no chance to be a productive player next year. Camo might've bounced back and scored 20, but I like Shero going all out. Clearing the dead weight for young guns.
  8. Always respected Kariya. His HOF 'signature moment' was definitely the "Off the floor, on the board!" goal in 2003. Even coming against us, can't help but respect that. Now, had we dropped that series I'm sure it would be one of the most devastating moments in franchise history. Thank God we took care of business. I enjoy looking back being able to appreciate that moment and respect it as a great contribution to the history of the game, all the while not breaking out into a cold sweat knowing we finished the job.
  9. Keep dumping on the Shore as it's one of, if not, the only Devils stronghold in the state. When the Devils are decent, the boardwalks are PACKED with Devils stuff outnumbering everyone else.
  10. No one scouts like Castron, finds late round value like Castron!
  11. Oddly feel like this is anti climatic opposed to the last few years. Praying and hoping certain guys would be slipping through the cracks to our spot. None of that this year. Would like to see us trade back into the first round.
  12. People voicing their opinions on the displeasure of a new jersey is hilarious and unacceptable but being taken out of the rink in cuffs on assault charges after "defending" someone being made fun of wearing a jersey is acceptable behavior? Come on man, you're better than this.
  13. Lol this is laughable. Going from your high horse telling everyone to accept the jerseys, there's nothing you can do, everyone is wasting their time. But god forbid someone makes a joke about a hipster wearing the new jersey you'll be "taken out in cuffs". Easy there, champ.
  14. While everyone seems to be flipping to Nico, I've been leaning Patrick more. Give me top notch shot over top notch hands anyday.