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  1. Don't like Francesa but love the classic eruptions. "Black knight, dark knight, good night!"
  2. Love it when Harvey gets blasted. Cocky jerkoff
  3. Welcome! I LOVE the Albany black jerseys. I remember as a kid always giving the Devils a black alternate jersey using the same pattern in NHL and such. Call me mainstream if you must, those black are awesome.
  4. Low energy response MadDog. Sad!
  5. We need to start winning again. Ok? Let me tell you, I've met Taylor Hall, tremendous, tremendous person. But he's got no help. We've got to stop getting killed on trade! I know Ilya very well, another wonderful person mind you, and he could help! I plan on assembling a team of the best and brightest. And folks, it's going to be HUGE. Ilya Kovalchuk is going to help this team in a big league way.
  6. Reyes sucks this is unacceptable. He's beyond finished.
  7. Part of the generation of kids that fought for the right to wear #26 in youth hockey. It would take way too many words to explain what he means to this franchise and yet it still wouldn't tell the whole tale.
  8. I know it's been discussed how we are in a great position to benefit from the expansion draft with teams unable to protect certain players. Teams may be more inclined to deal them and get something rather than lose them for nothing. Im curious of potential teams/players we may be dealing with. Which teams out there seem to be the most jammed up? Who should Shero be working the phones with?
  9. He made some huge saves. Goals were pretty meh though to be honest.
  10. fvck the draft. Screw the old fvcks. Cam shouldn't see ice rest of year. Thrilled for Schneider. Awesome change up. Brodeuresqe. I was PISSED at Greene and Blandisi not changing on he previous cycle. Got lucky got made the most of it. Light it up Q, Blender, Wood, Zacha.
  11. Anyone know the name of that violin into heavy bass beat song they always play and just did. Drives me nuts not knowing the name.
  12. Severson is becoming a dude. Very good news
  13. No Mr. Softee or pictures of self defense weapons with messages? You've gotten soft in your old age '7' haha
  14. Came to post this, nice man.
  15. Shut the door, Cory.