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  1. Yeah man. Just keep eating up those picks. Like a fat kid with cake. Won't be long until we hit the gym and explode and start posting #TransformationTuesday posts.
  2. This post is perma ban worthy. GO TO JAIL: Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.
  3. Came here to read what sd had to say. Crickets
  4. What the hell happened to Severson? Never took next step. Bennett has no vision, dsp should be gone two weeks ago. Palmieri is having a rough streak and Henrique doesn't look comfortable at all. Hall putting it on guys tape and getting nothing out of it.
  5. Schneider has no confidence. No reason for him to be that far in the crease there. Freak goal, but still. Wish we gave Hall Kovy pp minutes because it is dreadful.
  6. Elias
  7. I like him. I was starting to worry about him trying to do too much at times but that's the nature of the beast. He's finding his groove.
  8. Great to be a pet of the RR part 2 sing along last night. Was afraid we wouldn't get there with the Ric Flair garbage and the fake LGD. Great job my fellow freedom fighters.
  9. Devils might not be but you're already in mid season form, my friend.
  10. Christ. Some of you guys need to go for a walk. sh!tty game but it's the fourth of the year. They'll get it together. dsp did some nice things last year but I don't know how much longer I can tolerate him in a top 6 role.
  11. Larsson blocks that shot. Just kidding lol. But Quincey is the best they've got? Come on that's sh!tty
  12. You know what, I disagree with you and still think you're wrong about there being no central Jersey but I do enjoy the comparison to Virginia and Alabama. First time I've come across someone making the comparison based on varying degrees of "southerness".
  13. We'll just find a way to squeeze it into the goal song now, no big deal.
  14. Totally disagree. You can't harp on the culture of Monmouth County and then say with a straight face Bloomfield and Washington township in Warren country have the same culture. NW Jersey is more "southern" than South Jersey for crying out loud.
  15. Yeah! Let's sit on our hands and let the Rock be more of a morgue than it already is!