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  1. Now this is MUCH cooler than the Winter Classic generic bull crap.
  2. Join #TheResistance we will never find a song "You suck" cannot be added into.
  3. It's a shame AV is the coach, not the GM as well.
  4. Holy fvck they blew the game.. Was watching with the old man for a bit before heading out. Saw it was 7-1, felt pretty comfortable. What a joke
  5. This thread is giving me mud butt
  6. What are the chances we take on a player like Bieksa and a 1st/B+ prospect? Obviously he'd have to want to come here. I feel like there's more of a chance of this than the Ducks moving Fowler/Vatanen and STILL risk losing the other in expansion. I think we alll would want an impact player, but if these teams won't budge, we still have an opportunity to take on salary. The real question is, if you were Anaheim, would you move your first round pick as a sweetener to protect a quality defensemen?
  7. Which is why it helps to accumulate. 5 2nds the next two years would cast a pretty big net. A plug in and play guy would be nice but a lot of the tone here seems to be annoyed at the situation and would be disappointed with Shero if the return was a 2.
  8. I'm a bit perplexed by the sentiment here that a 2nd would be disappointing. It's a free asset. The stockpiling of draft picks has been nothing short of a godsend by Shero. While I get the idea of reaching for the sky when you have an opportunity, I would be thrilled with a second.
  9. Yes. Unusually bad shooting percentage this year.
  10. He was absolutely electric on the PK early in the season. Part of that is what pissed me off so much about him leaving. Felt like a proud parent watching him buy into the kill and counter attack that year. Evolution of a player was great, for someone many said could never happen; killing penalties. It'd be like Ovi transistioning to kill penalties next year. A real wtf. Getting off topic so what the hell, but my favorite Kovy moment was the forecheck in game 5 at the Garden. Playing with Carter and Gionta it turns out to be KOVALCHUK hustling and winning a board battle throwing the puck in front. Another proud parent moment. Damn guy is like the ex-girlfriend you were crazy for and still think about time to time who absolutely gutted you. Despite it, you look back and still can smile at the memories. It takes you a long time to see, but eventually you both work out for the better for it.
  11. Haha fvck Harvey. He should get tagged with the L today.
  12. Can't imagine them being stupid enough to do that.
  13. Someone forgot to take their meds. Everyone has been in agreement the Rangers suck but have gotten incredible draws. Montreal and Ottawa blow. No one here is stroking the Rangers as a well built team. Matter of fact, that's why people are posting here because they are pissed this sh!tty team is pushing their luck 2 wins away from the ECF.
  14. This will be by far the easiest shutout in the history of the sport.
  15. To: