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  1. Here is the problem with deportation: the percentage of Muslims participating in these acts are low. (Not talking about condoning or non condoning [which is virtually impossible to prove] but actual violent attacks.) If you take people who have acclimated to a society and assimilated as Moustic is speaking of, how do you sort them out? The common response from conservatives is "Too bad, the few ruined it for everyone and you have to leave". If Moustics baker or doctor who have assimilated into FRENCH society get sent away, then they sure as hell will turn to radicalism and ISIS will grow. Terrorism is the most important question to the future and currently we are between a rock and a hard place.
  2. #FightForWesternCiv
  3. My guess is it to do with conflicts with club hockey. Kids in the local junior leagues have tough decisions to make in terms of commitment. Lot of scheduling conflicts.
  4. Also of note: Freehold Township product Zach Berzolla getting an invite. Good for him, coached against him a few times. Type of kid you had to gameplan around. Pretty rare being a defenseman. Hope he succeeds.
  5. Sd telling people to be happy. Bizzaro world in full effect.
  6. Good. Cheap depth defenseman and forward. Avoided department stores and got some deals at Walmart.
  7. Fast, attacking, supportive. I love it
  8. Very pleased. Always happy if a 3rd round pick turns into a top 9 winger.
  9. That's a broad over simplification. Everyone in the world would prefer a "finisher". But that's far from the whole story. Would you rather have a Zajac or Tedenby? Looking at a highlight film Tedenby would seem to be a much better finisher. If McLeod develops into a Zajac, count me in as thrilled. A rock solid contributor for a decade. There seems to be a misconception around here lately that is "offense or bust". That's not a fundamentally sound way to build a hockey team. You can't go into a draft and pick "best scorer available". Scoring doesn't always translate playing against grown men. Speed is a concrete quality that you can't take away. Annnnnnnnnd... Speed kills.
  10. No need to panic, these next three picks are relatively high. Great opportunity to add some talented depth to the system. Weird being in this position with an abundance of picks.
  11. Balls. Jost in time
  12. What happened? Following on here at work. Keep up the good work
  13. Turned down vacation time to cover the draft. Shows how much I know
  14. Closer to September from my understanding.
  15. Not public yet. Friend of a friend. But they are definitely a 21st century reporter. Regarding Twitter + tech. In a lot of ways Chere was a bit of a Luddite. Total 180