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  1. Cup Sightings

    Madden and White are regulars at the Harrison Avenue Tavern (H.A.T) in West Orange. They brought the Cup in there on Tuesday night (June 10) and let everyone take pictures with it, hold it, drink out of it, etc. My buddies told me about it, I wish I was there.
  2. Stanley Cup Finals Game 4: Devils Vs Ducks

    I've had enough of Colin White. I used to think it was cool to see him doing shots of BlackHaus at the Harrison Avenue Tavern after games, but now, I'd rather him spend some time trying to emulate Stevens. What a waste White has become. He got smoked by Thomas at the blueline, and didn't follow him as he rushed towards the net to find the loose puck. Then, Bingo! Game over, and White lazily drifts towards to goal with his head down. Get him off the ice!