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  1. Devils just suck so bad now its embarrassing.
  2. You should have made this post a poll. My vote is to get rid of it.
  3. I totally respect the ice girls..
  4. I to have become more selective in my old age, I prefer the right boobie over the left but still need the left so I can motorboat! To bad she wasn’t at some Devils games last year. There would have bin something to watch other than the crap on the ice!
  5. Like everything else the Devils do, they will wait until the absolute last minute. Until then its all status quo!
  6. I got a real devils shirt ZP9!!!!!
  7. We just signed Ilya Kovalchuk !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! for life!!!! WOW nothing gets buy you ha!
  8. Hey better to have some style then no style at all
  9. I'm sick of all this kovy crap already. The guy Just wants to be the highest paid player in the NHL. I say the he'll with him. ZP9 is better and We should just sign Zack to a long term deal.
  10. WTF it always has to be the last fvcking min.
  11. How long is his contract? Is this another one year deal?
  12. Its the Rangers who cares what they do. They will always suck.
  13. HAHAHAHA Rangers suck HAHAHAHA!!!!
  14. I'm going with Mottau his is definitely the best player. On the other team!
  15. Ok well that makes me feel a little better when you point that out. You guys know more than I do. I still don't want to loose him when its time for us to resign him.