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  1. What dose this mean?

    Can some one please explain what it means for a player to be placed on waivers or to clear waivers? How does it affect the cap? Thanks.
  2. Anyone else getting really excited?

    Lou has failed to sign everyone of our best players since the lock out. As soon as they become UFA they are gone. I have no dout the same will hapen with Jay. In Lou we trust to screw us!
  3. Replay of 07-08 games

    Do you realy want to sit through that pain again?
  4. Barry Melrose to the Lightning?

    John Tortorella is an ass glad he will be gone.
  5. GDT NYR @ NJ DEVILS Sun Apr 6, 2008 3:00 PM

    Retards suck and I hate MSG! I wish the Devis would get there own tv station instead of this fvcking MSG sh!t.
  6. Congrats To The Devils For...

    We won't make it past the first round. I don't know if I can even bear to watch anymore.
  7. Devils' Weekes plays No. 1 goaltender for a day

    "With Brodeur off, everyone else practiced except injured D Bryce Salvador (lower body), and coach Brent Sutter said Salvador, who has missed six games since he last played (March 15 at Colorado), is probably done for the rest of the regular season, which concludes next Sunday. "The big thing with Bryce now is, once he is available he's going to need five or six days of practice time," Sutter said. "It's a day-to-day thing, until he starts skating again. Once he starts skating, he's going to need three or four hard days of practices, so I guess the reality is he's probably not going to be ready this week." " Salvador is a fvcking wast we shuld have kep Jansen!
  8. Holik on the Hart Trophy

    With all the fire power the Pens have I would not be surprised if he signed with them. I would take him back there is not much in the way of USF and this team needs all the help and experience it can get.
  9. Sneak peek at free agency (top UFAs and RFAs)

    Anyone worried we might lose Super Jay? Hope not, but it seems like we lose all our top players.
  10. GDT: NY Islanders @ NJ DEVILS Fri Mar 21, 2008, 7:00 PM

    Devils played like crap!!! Every shot on goal was from the out side and easy to block. They need to crash the net more. They also need to introduce more players to the wall.


    I just picked up a set of Stanly cup patches and was wondering were everyone puts them on there jersey?
  13. GDT NJ DEVILS @ Colorado Avalanche Mar 15, 2008, 3:00 PM ET

    Lets hope they show up to play today defence sucked last game.
  14. Goal Bar

    I went to my first game on Friday and had lots of fun. I wanted to try and get into the Goal Bar but needed special tickets. I was looking on the web site but could not find any info on what tickets you need to buy and were to get them to get in. Can someone tell me? Thanks.
  15. GDT: Washington vs. Devils, 7:00 PM ET

    Time to kick so butt. LGD