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  1. PB patches are in stock!

    I'll honor that.
  2. PB patches are in stock!

    Ugh, you again? Please, I had these made at the request of a dozen people. If there is enough interest from my customers, I have no problem reproducing something they want. I understand you dont care for my business practices, but if I were truly profiting from death I would be charging $20 for these. I donate to a local Hockey Fights Cancer program, as well as other hockey programs, though I have no problem sending a dollar of each patch to who ever you feel deserves it. If you think I will sell thousands of these, you're sadly mistaken! I would love to move that many of them, but the truth is, I sell a very small amount to a small niche of people who appreciate the quality stuff that I make. The best way to reach those people is on a forum where we all gather! I pay my taxes, buy all my materials domestically and I bust my ass to barely make a living like the rest of us. The day my jerseys sales bankrupt the Devils, please let me know. So, yes, folks, your PB patch purchase will help to support a great cause.
  3. PB patches are in stock!

    I have PB patches. Fully embroidered, with a heat seal back. $6 includes shipping. Contact me for more info.
  4. I can customize Sioux jerseys for you. The same way the team wears them. I also have older(2002-2006) Sioux jerseys, authentic style heavy weight jerseys. NCAA licensed from K1, with the WCHA patch. I have the whites, greens and black jerseys, all sizes. I had them made with the double shoulders and elbows, fight straps, cover stitched seams, etc. Just the way the team jerseys were made. Let me know what you need!
  5. Who did you put on your throwback jersey?

    Oh and a bunch of Lemieux #22's
  6. Who did you put on your throwback jersey?

    MacLean, Stevens and Brodeur have been the most popular throw backs so far. A few Daneykos, McKays, Drivers, KOvalchuks, Resch, etc. Even a Zelepukin! I want to make a Johnson or OC.
  7. Who did you put on your throwback jersey?

    I used to play pick up hockey with Korn in MN. He would just pin you to the boards, lean on you and rub your face into the glass. One way to get the puck from a guy, I suppose.
  8. Vintage Devils Jersey

    I have some in stock, but I would hate to sell you a "horrible fake". These are about as real as you are gonna get.
  9. Brodeur rookie jersey raffle

    COOL! Good luck to you! Keep in mind, the XXL jersey is really big, so hopefully you wont have to drop too much weight!
  10. Brodeur rookie jersey raffle

    Hello fellow Devils fans. I have a cool offer here if annyone is interested. I am raffling an Old School Devils jersey through my website for the Herb Brooks Foundation. Entries are $1, with all the proceeds going to the Brooks Foundation. One winner will be randomly selected in December. The more entries you buy, the better your chance of winning! Contact me for more info, or visit my site! THANKS! www.dorholtcustomsports.com
  11. Name Plates

    I can do names, numbers and nameplates! Even ship them worldwide. Cheap prices, too. Let me know what you need!
  12. Help me, please!

    Its not much work at all if you have a good sewing machine. I did the same thing with a blank grill cover, just sewed on the jersey crest. You can usually find the jersey size logos on ebay pretty cheap. If you can find one with the team you like, it usually costs a fortune, or it has the team name on it or something other than just the jersey logo. Mine turned out well.
  13. CoolHockey = teh LAME

  14. CoolHockey = teh LAME