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  1. Great letter Paige
  2. Well deserved Zamode
  3. Take Hasek back and dump Cujo (if you can) jmo
  4. The summer of Turgeon was insane, Gainey just lost his mind in my opinion. Now the Stars are crying poverty, please remember the good people of Dallas were told how the new arena would make the Stars money problems all better. Owner ass hole Hicks signed Arod to stupid money and is paying Chan Ho Park 13.5 million to pitch in AA ball, but can't possible afford to resign Hatcher.............I'm disgusted. After the summer of Turgeon they go out and get Guerin and Young both of whom get no trade clauses, but no Hatcher!
  5. I love those pictures NJD25, that is a great place for looking at players pictures. Did you notice on the picture of Joe with the King Clancy they called it the Lady Byng?
  6. Heavenly Hattrick
  7. Madden for the Selke
  8. can get together to go to the parade and watch the game in the fall when the banner is raised, maybe those of us in Texas should get together during one of those times and celebrate....maybe we can get someone's cell number and call them during the celebration.....
  9. This is a great story......and a great move by Burns
  10. Stevens is to classy, he probably said the appropriate things
  11. abc was awful....how many shots of the weeping giggy did we really need to see....the guy proposing marrige, what idiots, aren't some moments meant to be private......i thought moma niedermeyer was a jerk......my tivo screwed up and deleted the game so i'm pissed off........sportscenter coverage was okay.....would someone please tie berman's hands behind his back stevens makes the british lady giddy.....he makes my teeth sweat, what a man!
  12. This is to much....i'm puking, my hubby thinks i'm having an appendicitis attack and wants to go to the hospital....i said hell no not till the game is over
  13. It's about time! I'm getting all teary watching Dano play
  14. Yes Nieuwy.....actually I would just be happy to see on the ice
  15. Turner was awesome