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  1. We all have our crosses to bear Heh. Heh. Good one, Has.
  2. You're right. There's no need to answer.
  3. Gracious eh...gracious would be having NJ stuff while on the this Eastern team site and your COL stuff on the Western team site....it is as simple as that No, being gracious means tolerating, and even embracing, differences between posters.
  4. To each his own. Don't take anyone's word. Experience it for yourself. It will make you a wiser and richer person.
  5. Can't have it both ways!! Sure you can. The HOS loves being different. But, being an outstanding citizen, always obeys the laws.
  6. Don't worry about what the HOS thinks. You are your own person. Free your mind. Defy convention. Don't be a conformist.
  7. Think again.
  8. Heh. Heh. Not exactly!
  9. Did someone say powerhouse? GO BIG RED!!!
  10. All big cities have good parts and bad parts. Can't comment on the scene in Boulder since the HOS lives in the Big D. Let's just say the folks in the Big D love their sports!!!
  11. Several points. 1. You are entitled to your opinion. 2. It's dangerous to base an opinion on Internet boards. 3. What did your friend do? 4. What horrible stories about Colorado? 5. Does "EZ-Devil" live in Colorado? 6. When was the last time there was a riot in LoDo?
  12. Hmmmmm. That sounds like a Nike commercial.
  13. Tempting, Zam. Very tempting indeed. The HOS will consider it. Although, the board may become less diverse as a result!
  14. Think again.
  15. Exactly. The Gracious One never complains about the state of NJ, the team, or its fans.