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  1. Are we the new Flyers?

    Damn! Not very encouraging. When Sutter said we'd be seeing a more "offensive" team, I thought he meant more goals. This blows.
  2. Did Anyone Notice?

    The NHL season has officially begun. In typical NHL fashion, the games were played overseas. I'm sure as fans, you all know this, but has any major sporting league ever had a softer opening? I haven't even seen any highlights? It's also interesting that some teams were still playing exhibitions while these 2 games were played. The whole thing just seems redicules to me.
  3. NHL center ice

    Why not just go to Directv? If everyone just stood up to the cable goons, these issues would disappear.
  4. Greetings From Virginia

    Hey All! Glad to find you. I'm a displaced Devils fan in Virginia Beach. Love the surf and sand but miss the Devs! I've been living on a steady diet of AHL games the last 7 years. The great news for me is that I return to Jersey in January, and look forward to raising hell in our new home---The Rock! What a great name!!! I'm pretty stoked about the coming season. I think we have a fine young team. The defense will benefit from the return of Larry, and I was glad to seethat Johhny Mac is returning (his time will come!) I was really excited by Sutter's comments about being more aggressive. I think we're going to surprise a lot of folks this year, and can't wait until the Ranger fans start their whining!!!