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  1. Game Thread

    you honestly can't come onto a hockey board and expect 0 homers... i try not to be one, but their presence here is a given. Heh heh, no you're right....though I was perhaps being reserved in using "a bit" to describe the level of homerism (from 1 or 2 posters). A couple of excuses on my part: (1) my usual Sharks board was hacked a week ago & has been down ever since, & (2) my team winning is foreign to me these days, so I'm a bit giddy & emotional! Hey, the Devs don't really need these points anyway...& frankly, I won't be convinced the Sharks can pull this one out until the final horn has sounded. No disrespect intended.....your team is just awesome this year. Brodeur expecially.
  2. Game Thread

    I sense a bit of homerism from some of you.....Sounds like things've been physical on both sides.....McKenzie just got away with one big time. Woo hoo......Marleau ties it up! OMG.....Graves takes the lead! Sorry, this is all going on as I type & listen....the game is not being telecast here. Are you guys monitoring what's going on in Anaheim? Kings incredibly rose from the dead & a 0-3 score to come up with 4 unanswered goals in the 2nd. This road trip should be interesting for your guys.....Sharks & Kings are both desperate & out of the playoffs right now, while the Ducks are barely hanging on to the 8th spot.
  3. Fear Factor Helps Friesen

    Since the Sharks are no longer worth writing about, our local S.J. beat writer put together a decent piece on Friesen too. Enjoy. Friesen: Ducking out on Anaheim a good move