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  1. Hosted by Rob Kowal, along with Brad Kurtzberg. Guests will include longtime Islanders announcer Jiggs McDonald, followed by Matt Sweetwood from NJDEVS.com, and finally former NHL referee and current hockey analyst Kerry Fraser. Sign up to 'attend' the show on Faceboook!
  2. Sounds like an April Fools joke to me...>!
  3. In case you missed the show last night, here is a link to the replay. Here is a summary of the show... "Guests on the program included former NY Rangers and NJ Devils forward Brendan Shanahan, and former Islanders head coach Al Arbour. Islanders talk with insidehockey.com's Brad Kurtzberg closed out the show."
  4. SHANNY on NOW! Listen LIVE at http://www.nyhockeytalk.com
  5. Guests on the program will include former NJ Devils forward Brendan Shanahan, current Islander Kyle Okposo, and former Islanders head coach Al Arbour. Listen live online at nyhockeytalk.com, on on Long Island's AM1240-WGBB!
  6. I think that's.... "Greenstein" !
  7. Hey sweets; great job last night on the show, thanks for coming on with Brad. The show MP3 is posted up at http://www.sportsradiony.com; for those that want to hear Matt, he comes on at about the 28 minute mark (right after the commercial).... Rob K
  8. Listen to Matt's interview with Brad HERE. You can also download the entire show from the NY Hockey Talk or Sports Radio NY websites.
  9. Sorry I'm a little late posting the link to my interview 21-minute with Chico, but here it is. Rob
  10. You can download the show from nyhockeytalk.com or sportsradiony.com. I will have a direct link to only the Chico interview sometime on Tuesday... Chico's a good guy, really down to earth... I called Chico an hour before the show just to confirm he would be able to come on, and he had literally just gotten home from Montreal. I asked him if he was still okay to come on, and he was just like... "sure, no problem"... I've had a chance now to speak to both Mike Emrick and Chico, and I can say first hand that they are both class guys all the way... Rob
  11. Chico Resch will be on the show LIVE this Sunday, starting at about 9:20pm. Rangers prospect Bobby Sanguinetti wil also be on the show for those interested.... If anyone has any questions they would like to hear me ask, post them up here and I will try and fit them in... Rob
  12. Direct link to the interview only, here: http://sportsradiony.hipcast.com/download/...231aba6e374.mp3
  13. Last nights show has been posted at http://www.nyhockeytalk.com. The Emrick interview on its own will also be posted there sometime tmrw, and also at http://www.sportsradiony.com. Rob
  14. I'll be talking with 'Doc' about his broadcasting career, the partners he has worked with, some of his favorite broadcasting moments in the booth, and what he does to prepare for each game. I will also get his thoughts on The Rock, and of course his thoughts on the team this season... Hopefully it will be a good listen for Devils fans and hockey fans alike....
  15. The voice of the New Jersey Devils Mike 'Doc' Emrick will be on NY HOCKEY TALK this Sunday, 11/2 at 9:00pm to talk about his broadcasting career and the New Jersey Devils. Listen to the show LIVE on Long Island's AM1240-WGBB or online at... http://www.nyhockeytalk.com http://www.sportsradiony.com