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  1. Hey there Happy Birthday! Hope its a good one!

  2. Section 132 i believe
  3. Ottawas first Line value is $15.191 Million between Heatly, spezza, and Alfredsson and Tampa Bay first line Value is $20.967 Million between Vinny, St. Louis, and Richards this numbers are all just for this year. I did not feel like doing all the math to find out total salaries but is someone wants to the link is
  4. give me a D.....!!!give me an E...!!! give me a V...!!! give me an I...!!!give me a L..!! give me a S...!!! whats that spell....DEVILS!!! what that spell...DEVILS!!!!! LETS GO DEVILS!!!!! Baumann Rocks!
  5. this guy is crazy. Leaving a new arena after one or two years is insane. The team will draw in more people tonight vs. Toronto. Wendsday was an exeption because because it was halloween and all the parents were out trick or treating with their kids. I am hoping for at least 15,000+ and pushing for 16,000+ tonight.
  6. I will say around 13,800.
  7. it would be great if you could let me know the name of the program.
  8. I am making a devils video and i seem to be short on clips. If some of you guys have clips that you want to see in this video please send them to me. I will have the video posted when i finish. The more videos the better. thanks