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  1. I really dont understand why they couldnt make room for him on the third/fourth line. I really thought that he could bring a lot of positives to that team. Oh well, go figure
  2. I dont understand, is P3L not good enough?
  3. Have you been drinking?
  4. Hmm, i am really not sure how this is going to be helpful at all. In the last 3 seasons he generated a total of 53 points. I really dont see him putting up more than 25 (very optimistic) points this upcoming season. Also does this mean that they threw in the towel on Swift, who i think can at least do a little better than Niedermayer?
  5. Much rather see Carolina win, although i think their luck will run out against the Penns. Not sure why anyone would root for the Pens? They are the division rivals (obviously not as bad as rags or philly, but still), secondly, no one on here likes Cindy. Cindy winning is almost like Bettman winning.
  6. I am pretty glad to see him go. I also didnt think he was an upgrade over Greene, as Greene played really well when inserted in the lineup towards the end, i dunno maybe loosing his spot to Havelid lit a fire under his ass. I think that really was a waste of Salmella though...
  7. Is this on versus?
  8. Yes!! I second that! Sarge is the man!
  9. I like Brodeur's comment that people who criticize him, have never stopped a puck in their lives. I think most people who dont know very much about hockey, will only look at the last thing that happened, the puck getting past the goaltender, and deduce that this is the defining moment of the play and in this case the series. The goaltender can be held accountable in certain situations, but just because he is the last thing one sees leading up to opposition scoring, that shouldnt automatically lead to the conclusion that he lost the game for the team. Were first and second shots stoppable? Yes. But how many scorable and clearable plays were there that were not made by the Devils throughout the series? A defender clearing the puck or a forward scoring can turn the play around just as much as goaltender stopping the puck. Bottom line, they failed as a team.
  10. I wasnt impressed with Havelid's play either, although saying that he ruined the whole chemistry on defence may be a bit of a stretch. He just wasnt really that much of an upgrade from Greene. I would be disappointed if LL signed him.
  11. Very good summary, if this doesnt put the stupid "blame it on Brodeur" talk then nothing will...
  12. I think he will resign for anywhere between 2.5 and 3
  13. The only beef i have with Sutter is line matching, otherwise will be glad to see him back. Besides is there a good replacement? Burns, is very sadly and unfortunately no longer an option and i dont think LL thinks that Johnny Mac is coach material for whatever reason.
  14. I would really enjoy a Red Wings vs Capitals final