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  1. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    How quickly would officials start getting fired if we started hearing "I missed the penalty because I was making sure I wasn't going to get run off and had my head the wrong way" much as its Internet meme have one job sir referee!!
  2. Does this mean they can trade him back to Phoenix now too?
  3. How is it anyone's fault BUT the NHL? They promote this idiot fan voting stuff, shove a horrific format down our throats and then OH MY GOD THE FANS PICKED A GRINDER, now we must destroy made your bed NHL, lie in it, let the fraking guy play
  4. Devils vs Wild, 8pm NBCSN

    Even the 1-15 teams in football with the coach out the door and the entire roster about to get purged gets more respect from the NFL Media then a well-played game that happens to end up's instantly calling "boring" and "bad for the sport" while NOTHING does more damage to the game then the PEOPLE BEING PAID TO BROADCAST AND REPORT ABOUT IT taking a massive dump over a game because it didn't reach the over/under for goals's embarrassing, and it's why I don't watch NBC for anything unless I have to (hell I don't even have Center Ice this year).....if you want people to treat your league like a big deal, TREAT YOUR DAMN PRODUCT LIKE A BIG DEAL!!! As much as I can't stand the WWE shill and least they make every match sound like a big deal or give it SOME kind of relevance But NBC is  and always will be the worst with "only stars matter" garbage.... Costas and those monotone buffoons do that during halftime too
  5. Well he's already ruined that defense as is....why not go full retard..... as much as I hate Jason Garrett, least he has quality coordinators under him....this has implosion written all over it.....
  6. Devils vs Wild, 8pm NBCSN

    Why is it that the NHL and only the NHL loves to sit and bitch and complain and trash it's own style of play....especially within its own media, it's just a horrible "perception is reality" effect I just can't stand about the NHL anymore...but seriously...NO OTHER SPORT on the planet has its media come out and bitch and whine about "boring" like they do....they should go watch baseball
  7. NFL Playoffs

    The whole Texan offense is hot garbage outside of Hopkins, no left tackle, this game had disaster written all over it from the get-go, surprising Alex Smith isn't better in the game though.....
  8. 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

    Jesus Christ they will never learn about the Flavor of the Month coaches will they? Guess it could be worse....coulda been Chip Kelly......
  9. NFL week 17 thread

    ....just to troll with some positivity today (which seems banned from the thread  )....good to see the Cowboys getting whooped and moving up the draft board!!! 
  10. GDT - Devils @ Senators - 12/30/15

    My fault....for the first time in like three season I'm actually sitting there admiring the hustle, effort and grinding of the kid....and WHAM....hip-check of DOOM I don't get to have nice things ....ever
  11. It's funny how Cam was an after thought in the draft (didn't we auto-draft him to DR as a favor/"homer pick?) ....and now he's like the last guy's crazy what a horrible year this was for injured players......we're almost TOO aware of injuries nowadays.... 10 years ago I bet half these injures get "sucked up and played through"
  12. One player keeper, things can always be voted on to be changed....I think Brian (or Laflamme....or both) HATE the IDP's too I'm glad four of my five leagues are all yahoo....makes it easier....he's got the .1 for completes and .1 lost for incompletes and a few other wacky rules this year of injury sh!tstorms, it helps to have options!
  13. Then it's definitely not worth it....tell them to go scratch and you can always come join Brian's other free league we do with our friends anyway
  14. It depends, if that's a league of donators and he profits every year from being in all means stick around....if not, that system should be changed.....i like the way Shane does it....all trades are good, but you can protest them (and the protest can not be anonymous) and if four or five people (a majority of the people not involved in the trade) agree, the trade is nixed   .....and then people still get mad take thei ball and leave
  15. NFL Week 15

    I do gotta admit, Carolina/Giants was better WWE theatricas than the WWE puts out now's amazing how the bigger the "highlight catch" or more hyped the play is, the more the Giants seem to LOSE those games (which I'm fully OK with ) , how Coughlin goes unpunished for this (and the head referee who's #1 job is to maintain order) is a mystery.....someone's gonna cut his knees out one of these days, and I don't think many of his teammates are gonna come to his aid.....did any on Sunday? I don't really recall one way or the other since I was too busy laughing at the show being put on!