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  1. .....and ON TOP OF THAT not tell your head coach this plan until hours before the draft.....John Fox has been around enough to at least deserve better than that .....given Trubinsky might take two years to learn an NFL offense.....but geesh.....
  2. I THINK the plan is for Romo to do the Thursday Night games and Simms still gets the #1 CBS game on Sundays....we'll never know but maybe Simms (like the rest of us) complained about the excessive Thursday night games and prepping and travelling to two games a week was too much for him And in all honesty knowing how excessively loyal Jerry is....would it shock anyone if he was giving Romo every chance to be healthy (and yes getting compensation for an asset is still a good thing).....but he just realized the body might not be able to do it and a prime announce gig like that wasn't going to wait a year for the Masters might be involved too....its probably the best thing for him long-term
  3. I'd hardly call it a "waste" when Brees has been sucking up 30% of their cap with unfriendly deals and the Jimmy Graham disaster screwed up their cap to this day and beyond....honestly the Saints should be thinking "we can suck this bad without you as we are WITH you now" and just cut bait
  4. You mean the guy who had a press conference in his own hotel room after having surgery to fix a broken jaw??? Dude couldn't shut up if you stuck a gun in his mouth
  5. Did they??? I'd swear I read 96 somewhere, but I'm probably wrong.....
  6. Why?? It sounds like the years and the wear and tear on him happened well after that moment in June of does show how far player safety has come in these 20 years though.....
  7. Rex Ryan is an overrated blowhard who talks big and produces little....sounds like the perfect guy for ESPN to hire
  8. I think it's wiser to sit them than risk pulling an RGIII with him and basically destroying his career in an uphill battle football game.....
  9. I can already guarantee Palmer's not even making it to ME on the waiver list, I relish seeing him melt like ice cream on the stove
  10. The green of profit outweighs ANY form of politics.....especially in the NFL, even over quality of game..... and Has the only reason the NHL wants out of the Olympics is because they are trying to shove the World Cup down our throats as the alternative and more profitable option
  11. ....not to mention the biggest "boom or bust" guy he dropped is Gurley who plays in like 3 I don't know how that would swing waiver reaching.....I can look into locking eliminated teams in future seasons to prevent further Belicheking....I think..... indeed....I CAN lock 'em down.....our first off-season vote topic
  12. It IS borderline douchey....can't lie about that....but it's very Belichek in the way that it's legal, but kinda "understood" Amari Cooper isn't on the "don't cut list" too but that would be lunacy to cut him at this point of the season too
  13. I usually lock the league once the finals game starts out of fairness to the guys still in it, but I can look into doing stuff for the non-playoff teams, since those waiver guys do matter Also keep in mind that the consolation games DO matter a little this year since Yahoo is offering a second chance cash tournament based on how you finish in your free leagues, so waving the white flag will hurt you in that
  14. he shares fully in the incompitence it seems: In his role as general manager, Snead partners with head coach Jeff Fisher to direct all personel decisions for the club. In addition Snead coordinates all aspects of the clubs football operations with the head coach. He also joins forces with Executive Vice President of Football Operations C.O.O. Kevin Demoff to direct the teams business ventures. think I was almost mad when Dallas passed on him too....geesh......
  15. How much say does Fisher have in personnel? As much as Fisher deserves the abuse he has (right Eric Dickerson???) that GM got the king's ransom for Robert Griffin and didn't make ONE good offensive player out of all those picks (Gurley was their own pick I believe) is pretty disgraceful.....yeah Fisher is a clown and a joke.....but this GM is a stumbling idiot too....hell....he hired the clown, that by default makes him the bigger fool!