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  1. NFL Week 2

    ....and at the same time for no real reason reduce the suspension on a known dirtbag like Burfect who deserves ZERO benefit of the doubt.....but that kinda stuff doesn't affect "public image"....oi
  2. NFL Week 2

    .....about time the Fuhrer got called out for his witchhunts ......thank you one more time Jerry
  3. NFL Week 2

    I'm shocked their cheap ass owner was willing to pay the rest of the contract and fire the dude....it's not his fault you're asking to throw rocks at armed men in riot gear and then blaming him when the rocks bounce off helplessly
  4. 2017 NJDevs Survival Football

    There was another obvious pick this week "whoever's playing the Colts" pick, I don't give a damn which Johnson is running the ball this week, the Colts are an unwatchable disaster
  5. NFL Opening Week

    If I was Luck this would be me now: It's embarrassing how they have screwed up this team around him......Buffalo may be too good to get a top QB in this draft but they have enough picks they could send something inviting Indy's way for Luck......
  6. 2017 JETS

    Houston and Jacksonville say hi and ask you to hold their beer
  7. of all the years for Manta to NOT jump on his homeristic ways with defense
  8. That poor laptop died for NOTHING It's ok Gurley will still be awful
  9. NFL Opening Week

    The Chiefs also seem to have a scary good offense and three guys who are damn near impossible to stop in Kelce, Hill and Hunt....good God that's a frightening triple threat.....
  10. NFL Opening Week

    I have NO idea why NE went for it after the measurement, and such a bad call too, I get trying to no huddle and sneak on in, but just take the 3 points, gave KC some needed life...
  11. the higher yahoo grades me the more I worry about my team, so I'm only mildly nervous here....they gave me a damn C last year..... #JustSayin
  12. Fantasy Football 2017 Draft Finished!

    I guess there is no other fitting way to end this draft....so masked has somewhere around four hours to make excuses that I won't listen to on why his starting line-up isn't set ......see y'all next year!!
  13. Fantasy Football 2017 Draft Finished!

    You have one QB and you take an injured kicker?
  14. Fantasy Football 2017 Draft Finished!

    Maybe Wendell Smallwood is in that pic (hint: he's a RB for the Eagles.....so probably not) now we just need a reveille on the croissant farm ......
  15. Fantasy Football 2017 Draft Finished!

    (you can blame the delay on the state of NJ being sh!t and me trying to help this poor 86 year old dude who's probably on his last legs get medical marijuana to make his last days more tolerable.....Jesus this state loves to make stuff difficult....)