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  1. Is he now the highest paid assistant in the league?
  2. TOTALLY disagree and waiting on a good idea for an extra year like that is's all on equal ground now point in pushing the rule back for a year, since MAYBE one of these trades happen a season and it would be a Gurley-level player anyway .....and no....we're REALLY!t I even hit the "renew league" button late
  3. I know what he wants, and technically all the rosters are locked and you have the right to keep anyone you want so you do kinda....sorta....pretty much hold the rights to these guys till they re-enter the draft pool, no harm in trying to take advantage of the assets he has.....
  4. We do this in other leagues (pre-draft trades), I see no reason we couldn't do it here, but as always a majority vote would be required (and I'd never make a trade without knowing my draft position either)
  5. Yeah I'm going to a tournament in Montreal next month that's supposed to cost $ credit card was charged for like $470 instead
  6. One of the most sure-fire ways to ruin a young QB is to bounce 3-4 head coaches and "genius systems" at them while they're trying to figure out the league as a much as I think Fisher's a smoke and mirros fool at this point, I think every rookie QB deserves 3 years to get his feet wet before you shuffle coaches on the rotiserrie......
  7. Ever eaten their "pizza"?? It's amongst some of the toughest, most inpentrable substances on the be scared to eat it......
  8. The Rams know who they want, they're just playing games so everyone behind them who need to know where the dominoes fall have to guess and conjecture about it, you don't give up THAT many assets without knowing damned well who you want (aside of epic levels of stupidity, though they did wait 12 hours on the trade announcement to kiss Kobe's ass which was dumb....)
  9. the Rams would be that let him be the coach for the QB you gave up half of two drafts for, now you SHOULD be committed to giving him the time to be that coach and let the kid develop and not be bombarded by systems and overloads....especially since that team and franchise are just buying time until they get their own smog-filled version of Jerry World out in phony-land....
  10. Not gonna lie, I hope the Titans return the Troll to Fisher and roll out all the players they get in this deal for the coin toss when they play the Rams again next would be quite worth it.....the Titans should be doing BACKFLIPS at this return for the #1 pick (and now EVERYONE'S mock drafts just got tossed in the trash ) oh and full details: Tennessee swaps the top pick to the Rams along with its choices in the fourth and sixth rounds. The Rams will give the Titans their first-round pick (No. 15 overall) along with two second-round selections and their third-round pick in the draft starting April 28. The Titans also will receive the Rams' first- and third-round round picks in the 2017 draft.
  11. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday that the Eagles have agreed to trade cornerbackByron Maxwell and linebacker Kiko Alonso to theDolphins, according to two sources who have spoken with the players. The Eagles will receive undisclosed draft picks from the Dolphins.
  12. Bettman had NO business speaking last night and him putting his face to EVERYTHING the NHL does is Goodell-level of narcissism and he deserved every ounce of grief he got last night :p.....he should have either been in the owner's box out of the way, or even sitting in one of the seats on the ice (preferably not even being mentioned for being there unless someone did in a speech)...that aside, if I never go to another Devils game again (which is not an impossibility amazingly enough)....this was the perfect "last game" to have attended......
  13. How quickly would officials start getting fired if we started hearing "I missed the penalty because I was making sure I wasn't going to get run off and had my head the wrong way" much as its Internet meme have one job sir referee!!
  14. Does this mean they can trade him back to Phoenix now too?
  15. How is it anyone's fault BUT the NHL? They promote this idiot fan voting stuff, shove a horrific format down our throats and then OH MY GOD THE FANS PICKED A GRINDER, now we must destroy made your bed NHL, lie in it, let the fraking guy play