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  1. lowell/trenton

    I just don't think it has worked out. The reason that "bottom third" is there now is guys like Riddle, Manley, Haggett, Ortmeyer, Cava when he was there (older ECHL contracted guys) don't want to deal with that restriction and instead play elsewhere. Even just two of those guys on this team would probably be a big help.
  2. lowell/trenton

    I would say so. People that have only ECHL contracts can be called up by any AHL team (as many former Titans have in the past). This new philosophy is not something I have ever heard of before.
  3. lowell/trenton

    The reason they have no vets is because the Devils organization made it a condition of anybody on an ECHL contract that if they agreed to sign with Trenton, they would agree to only be eligible to be called up by Lowell and no one else (meaning Trenton/Devils would not loan them to anyone else, which they have the power to do). That said, a lot of older guys said no thanks and went elsewhere. I can see they are trying to build an organization with loyalty, etc. but I think it has backfired (at least so far).
  4. Trenton Devils at Johnstown Chiefs 10/31 Recap 3-2 loss

    It seems like they are lacking scroing more than Leblond. He is certainly a great team guy - but he had 4 goals last year. WOuld be better to see Mark Pandolfo in T-Town