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  1. GDT: 1/15 Lowell @ Manchester

    You also forget to mention Ginand scored in the shootout and the ref botched it saying it was a no goal =\ SO should have kept going. Btw now 7 points out of 8th in the conference....Alot of season left...The playoffs are NOT out of the picture despite everyone bitching and moaning Getting at least 1 point in 7 out of the last 10 games is a good start...We just need to start making sure its all 2 points and not just the one. Our forward core looks to be pretty good...our defense needs to get better + so does our goal tending. The game tonight should not have been tied...soft soft goal Coleman let in... When is Lerg due back? Does anyone know?
  2. Lowell/Trenton Rosters

  3. Lowell/Trenton Rosters

    WAIVER CLAIMS: Charlotte: Mike Harder, F from Trenton Bah I really dont understand us doing this
  4. Lowell/Trenton Rosters

    12/04/09 CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims) Trenton: Scott Bartlett, F Matt Torti, D Trenton: Add Jeff Prough, F assigned by Lowell (AHL) Add Matt Vokes, F activated off IR
  5. T-Devils lose another player to Lowell

    They did...and they will be. Like ive said all along...Attendance has dropped EVERY year. Ever since day one we have seen a steady decline in attendance. It sucks to lose Keith Jones...but im very happy to lose Butch..Guy was horrible, im so glad he is gone. Besides who didnt see it coming? What was he gonna be wheeled out on his wheelchair every game? Lol
  6. Lowell/Trenton Rosters

    I have said the same thing. Henkel > Harder
  7. Lowell/Trenton Rosters

    I dont see why they would. They have Peters, Leblond, Pikka & Halischuk which have all been rotating spots. Based on last games starting lines... Parise-Zubrus-Langs Bergfors-Zajac-Clarkson Pandolfo-Nieds-Rolston Leblond-Pelley-Pikka Take out Pandolfo...Throw in Halischuk..and you still have Peters as an extra forward. Also Elias should be back fairly soon. On Defense you got Salvador-Oduya White- Mottau Fraser-Greene Murphy Lowell will have: Davison Magnan Leach Eckford Corrente Taormina Flynn So I mean I can see Cohen staying down in Trenton. Of course if not, I dont see it being a problem...We seem to be stockpiling defenseman. And truthfully, Trenton's defense hasnt been a real problem...its been our offense + Powerplay + Goalie (Caruso's last game not counting). Trentons Roster is also pretty good even tho we havent been scoring much yet...It might take some time to see who can fill castongauys shoes for scoring...Nagy = Snets ... Harder = Henkel (I know some people wont agree). We have what seems like a good team..Just its going to take time to gel.
  8. Lowell/Trenton Rosters

    No Clue....Nothing on the transactions from Trenton's side.
  9. Lowell/Trenton Rosters

    Las Vegas: Add Brett Wilson, F activated off IR Delete Brett Wilson, F traded to Trenton
  10. GDT 10/24: Lowell @ Hartford

    We don't need Henkel....It was time for him to move on with his life. I know many wont agree...But I know what our Powerplay is missing this year...Ryan Gunderson. Yup hate him for his defensive play all you want, but he was money on the PP.
  11. Tyler Burton still rehabbing his knee

    Looks like Stockton has released him
  12. Devils on their way out of Trenton?? (Rumors)

    Rumor is....That the devils ARE not on their way out. Sources say they have signed a new 10yr deal with the county. 2. Notice the sign is still out at the arena? Word is Sovereign Bank has not renewed their contract. They are supposedly thinking about replacing the sign. 3. Ticket booklets for STH? Yea gone for this year...Word is there was supposedly some technical error that couldn't be corrected before they had to get the tickets out. Word is the booklets for the tickets will return next year. Please note, my rumors are coming from a friend of a friend....But should be pretty reliable.
  13. GDT: 10/11 Portland @ Lowell

    I think you guys are forgetting Greg Flynn when you are listing the scratches.
  14. T-Devils Release Training Camp Roster

    Ding ding ding Thats how the sign being off = Better ice New cooling system =] BUT WAIT!! They dont want to spend Moneyz!!!!23!123131 Truth is, they are giving the guys in Lowell every chance to make the team. Why fluff up the training camp with a bunch of guys they all KNOW arent going to make the team?? If you want to fault the Devils for anything, is that they chose crappy locations to ice teams. Lowell would be failing at this point even if it wasn't the devils. Utica HOPES to one day have another pro hockey team....But there is a reason they haven't. Trenton is failing because of the devils? Hardly. Attendance has declined EVERY SINGLE season even BEFORE the devils took over. I wouldn't even consider Trenton AS failing. Trenton Sucks! I hate being secure knowing we have a team! Id much rather be a fan of Augusta, Dayton, Fresno, Phoenix, Pensacola! Hell id even rather be a fan of teams like Johnstown where rumors of my team relocating are much more common!
  15. T-Devils Release Training Camp Roster

    Because the devils run that?? Btw I know why its off too bad you don't...Proves you don't have the knowledge to back up some of your statements. The ice should be much better quality this year