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  1. this sounds good! but what was the Verizon Tower Incident? I never really heard the story on what happened
  2. F them other guys!!
  3. It was a nice segment for Marty and his family,but why show the The Mattau goal from 94? what sense does that make? is that goal even revelent anymore,5 cup appearences and 3 Cup wins since that.
  4. Amazing!! now who let these cats in my room? Lolz~!
  5. Best Day Ever.
  6. Got mine today $640.00 for the first 2 rounds. ugh~!
  7. Ouch!
  8. That's really nice! Is this for full season ticket holders only? What about us Partial Plan ticket holders?
  9. November to Remember....How i miss the old/real ECW
  10. After the National Anthem I do a sign of the cross,bump my heart with my fist,and point to heaven for my Uncle's and Grand Parents who aren't with me. Its sappy,I know, but I've been doing it since '92 when I got season tickets. And I only chew 1 piece of gum through out the whole game.
  11. I'm listening on I-Tunes,the Philly feed
  12. I had a blast. It was fun and first class all the way. Usually Owners,G.M.'s get booed,but not with us. Everybody got cheered and and deservedly so. I'm proud to be from New Jersey,and proud to be a Devils fan!! Congrats Marty~!~!
  13. I signed up and it said to me,See you on the 18th! so i assume I'm qualified to go?
  14. All you Marty bashers will be crying the blues when he does retire. Enough with the Trade/Retire already talk. Get over it,life in fact does indeed go on.
  15. 133 row 3 just win baby!!