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  1. Devils VS Flyers

    When I look at TicketMaster for tickets to game 2, it appears that basically the entire upper bowl is sold out?? Are other people seeing this? I'm wondering if they're holding back tickets to try to sell the packages, and trying to make single-gamers buy the expensive lower bowl... anyone have any info?
  2. Broad Street shuttle buses are (no longer) back

    I guess I shoulda. It didn't occur to me the problems it would cause . Thanks for changing the title. Yeah, you can probably walk in October & April. Other than that, not often. I also find it interesting that the Devils website says you can take bus 13 or 27, but, according to Google transit, at least, 11, 13, 27, 28, 29, 30, & something in the 40s all run from Broad St station down past the Rock.
  3. Broad Street shuttle buses are (no longer) back

    Read again. The thread title is from last year when they *were* back. Now they're gone again, so I bumped the original thread.
  4. Broad Street shuttle buses are (no longer) back

    Be him yourself! Except instead of being 'angry' I'd encourage being 'upset' or 'disappointed' or some term that is more likely to get a polite response. Catch more flies with honey... Again, the address is "mgmt@newjerseydevils.com"!
  5. Broad Street shuttle buses are (no longer) back

    Not sure if this has been posted somewhere, but according to the NJ Devils website, the shuttles are gone again. http://devils.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=42035 And they're not letting you ride buses or the light rail with your ticket or anything either. Full $1.35 each way between Broad St & the Rock. I emailed the Devils and got a polite response back apologizing, but indicating that nothing could be done at this time. I'd encourage anyone affected by this to write too and see if a number of emails wouldn't cause some change. "mgmt@newjerseydevils.com" was the address I used, but I'm sure there are other ways to contact as well.
  6. Technical Difficulties

    Can't. No view of the southern sky. Although I'm seriously considering FiOS TV, but for now Comcast has extended my promo for another year. Once they refuse to, I'll certainly move over. By the way, seems the technical difficulties are fixed, game is back.
  7. Technical Difficulties

    I called Comcast and they said they're aware of it and working on it. Said its "on the head end", whatever that means. Anyway, at least they're aware. Not a bad idea to call them too if you'd like... more calls might equal more pressure on them.
  8. Technical Difficulties

    Mine too. I have Comcast out of Union, NJ. What about you, oconnell?
  9. Broad Street Station situation

    I believe they recently extended the platform (I know they were doing it, and last time I took the train anywhere several weeks ago it looks pretty close to done - I think it is). I'll be careful anyhow. Now on to figure out all the silly local parking regulations at my potential origin stations...
  10. Broad Street Station situation

    Where do they leave from on the way back? And how much after the end of the game do they run? (should we want to stop by the team store or anything)
  11. Broad Street Station situation

    So, am I to understand the that Broad Street Station buses are still running? (or are once again?) Planning on coming into Broad St Station for tomorrow night's game, and haven't taken transit there yet this year (I'd prefer to, but typically my fiance's father picks us up and drives us in, as he prefers to drive, so I won't say no ). Out of interest, does either NJT bus or light rail still provide a free ride with a game ticket? Or would I have to pay for those options?
  12. Discount Ticket Offers '08-'09

    Just got an email...
  13. Discount Ticket Offers '08-'09

    Indeed! I've been looking for a discount for 3/28!