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  1. Canstruction Pictures

    Awesome. Thanks for the pics.
  2. GDT: NJ Devils @ Philly Flyers

    Let's Go Devils!
  3. GDT: Scott's Ducks @ Rob's Devils 7:00 PM EST

    Zach short handed on the rebound in the final seconds of the period. 3-1 good guys!
  4. GDT: Scott's Ducks @ Rob's Devils 7:00 PM EST

    David! Does he just get better every day?
  5. GDT: NJ Devils vs. Capitals

    Let's go Devils!
  6. GDT: Thrashers @ Devils - 7:00PM

    Let's Go Devils!
  7. GDT: Devils @ Tampa Bay

    Let's Go Devils!
  8. Who gets the Olympics today?

    Chicago and Tokyo eliminated in the first two rounds.
  9. What's your Favorite Game Ritual or Supersition?

    I like this one, too.
  10. OOT Scoreboard 10/2.

    Go anybody and everybody that ever plays the Flyers and the Rags!
  11. Nhl Gamecenter?

    It appears that you can pay on a monthly basis too, which is nice. I wish you could just buy one month to test it out though. This could be a nice solution since we only have one TV and I'm pretty confident my wife doesn't want to watch a half dozen NHL games every week.
  12. Gdt: Ps Game 2 Devils @ Islanders 7:00pm

    Let's Go Devils!