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  1. GDT: Avalanche @ Devils 7:00 EST

    If you figure out what channel this crap is on, please let the rest of the Manhattan Time Warner suckfest know.
  2. Best Away Game to Attend OTHER than Montreal?

    Nassau Coliseum. Can't beat watching an NHL game in an AHL arena. I wonder what they think when they go to every other modern arena on the continent and have to go home to that hole.
  3. OOT Scoreboard - Sat. 11/28.

    Torts said the best thing about the game yesterday was that they were playing today, so they wouldn't have to wait too long...to be embarrassed again! They are awesomely awful.
  4. GDT: Devils @ Penguins

    Is there an HD channel for this with Time Warner Cable (NYC)? All I have is 198 which is in Low-D.
  5. Marty who?

    I think he's fine with the 12+ million he received in salary. I'm surprised the article didn't mention Felix Potvin, also taken after Kidd (and Brodeur) in the same draft (2nd round, 31st overall), and had a much more illustrious career than Kidd.
  6. Niclas Havelid traded to Devils

    I'm good with it. A +4 player on a -33 team? Sounds like a Lou special.
  7. Renney OUT!

    Haha, Tortarella and Avery on the same team. I can hear the theme song to the Odd Couple playing during every game.
  8. OOT Scoreboard - Sun. 2/22.

    I'm happy to give them that point just to watch Henrik's stick smash. I saw that. It was worth a point. You're not supposed to see classless acts of conduct like that in the NHL. And Henrik isn't generally an unclassy player. If he's smashing his stick on the crossbar he must be thoroughly fed up. Good.
  9. The only one to blame is Lou and Sutter

    The Devils were one of the lowest scoring teams all season last season. Lou went out and did nothing (and then those nothings got injured). This was a follow up performance from his pickup of last season's nothings (Zubrus and Vishnevsky) 8 players get injured, Lou doesn't flinch. Star goalie goes down, and he has two goalies who have almost no resume fill in. The Devils are a minor league team right now. Sutter has done nothing to help out has-been scorers like Gionta, Elias, or Langenbrunner, whose production levels are nearing the point of nonexistent. None of his younger players who could become something have grown much at all (because he just rotates them in and out like books at a public library). His entire defense is full of players with less than 3 years in the league, and his entire offense is Zach Parise. Meanwhile, one of the most improved teams in the NHL are the Boston Bruins, whose general manager had the audacity to pick up players like Marc Savard and Zdeno Chara and not to fire Claude Julien with two games to go last season. Lou had the great fortune of having players like Stevens, Brodeur, Niedermeyer, and Claude Lemieux playing for him once. He had heart players like Ken Daneyko who left everything on the ice. Now, they have nothing, there is no heart, no emotion, no life. Their arena is less than half full every night (great idea building a new rink in Newark). No goals, no acquisitions. Young players, no growth (except Parise). Injured players, no acquisitions. It's time we changed the oil in this engine.
  10. Rangers Suck Chants

  11. Ty Conklin

    The goaltending flavor of the month is Matthieu Garon.
  12. Biron (the other Marty B)

    At the beginning of the Flyer's season, Martin Biron was starting every game for them. Nittymaki (which is also a very delicious type of sushi) has been starting much more lately for them. Anyone know where their great savior goalie has gone and why he isn't starting as much?
  13. Chico Comment from Last Night

    Last night, Chico said something to the effect of "This is why I think the Devils should never pull Brodeur. No matter what happens in the first period, they need him for these big saves later on in the game. If they are going to have any chance of coming back, they need him in there in the 2nd and 3rd period and that's just what we've seen tonight." Of course, this is counter what he said during the Dallas game after Brodeur let in his 2nd stinker, where he said something to the effect of: "Doc, they gotta get Marty out of there. They gotta pull him. Get Weekes in there now and give him a few minutes this period to get warm. It's clear that Brodeur doesn't have it tonight and Sutter's gotta pull him now." Thoughts? Did his opinion change drastically after only 3 games?
  14. IN LOU WE TRUST..... ?

  15. Matvichuk no longer in Devils' game plan

    You know what? With us giving up 20+ shots in every first period, I think it's probably a good idea to trade away our only defenseman who's been around for more than 4 years. After all, Devils fans are sick and tired of seeing players that they know. They want a bunch of no names to go along with their stellar ticket sales over the past 10 years.