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  1. Njdevs.com Fantasy Hockey

    Well, as per request of The High and Mighty Ayl... Im returning to this Fantasy stuff ... that is if I remember how to do it... its been a while... Ill probably be the one needing the most help though Ayl ...
  2. First goal prediction

    If the lines are as someone said in another forum... Elias - Gomez - Marshall Frieen - Larionov - Langenbrunner Pandolfo - Madden - Gionta Berglund - Rasmussen - Brylin Stevens - Rafalski White - Niedermayer Hale - Martin Brodeur then... I believe Friesen will score first.
  3. Devs @ Rags

  4. Devs @ Rags

    Friesen 4-2
  5. Devs @ Rags

    I think Devs need to find the PK from last year.
  6. Devs @ Rags

    fight: Purinton vs Brown
  7. Devs @ Rags

    Well, Im not sure if it was his first... but it wasnt his line... Elias assisted along with another player... not the typical lines...
  8. Devs @ Rags

    3-2 Langs
  9. Opening Night

    Couldn't you try for a different game? Home opener doesn't seem like the best day to pick.
  10. Devs @ Rags

    ok, thank you!
  11. Devs @ Rags

    did Berglund score both goals?
  12. Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey

    well if shes the experienced one here... maybe Ill just get 2nd to last
  13. Game 4: New Jersey at Boston

    Dano talked in the pregame today... hes fine, no injuries
  14. Game 4: New Jersey at Boston

    according to www.newjerseydevils.com the game will be on ESPN, TSN, and FSNY
  15. Game 4: New Jersey at Boston

    He's not injured... he just took a hard hit last night. They also want to rest him and make sure other players are ready for when they get really deep into the playoffs!