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  1. Who is going early for the cheap seats :)

    Thanks for the info!! I love how the train schedule has it so the best time is right before my classes end and the next train isn't until a time that would be too late to get there at a good time! UGH.
  2. Hey! It looks like I'll be taking the train down ALLLLL the way from Northern Bergen county LOL. I will be solo it seems as fellow friends/fans have work or other commitments What time will you all be heading there for the $10 tickets??? How crazy is it usually for big games, is the line civil? Any words of guidance would be great!
  3. Hey! So I've never gone through the $10 ticket process and while I know this is last minute I was wondering, so far for pre-season games have they been selling out? My friend and I will be able to arrive most likely 2 hours early before game time.... We wanted to get in one preseason game because we are still not sure when we will be able to make a regular season game.
  4. Live from Game 1

    Some good and some bad after one period! Crowds are going back and forth but nothing crazy. I splurged and got two cookies for 4.50...ugh. Period two just started... Be back!
  5. Live from Game 1

    Hey everyone, here at the rock on my iPod touch posting from Sec. 228! I'm stuck next to Rangers fans, booohooo. Everyone is being friendly now, that will change soon LOL. 10 minutes to game time..... Live updates coming soon!
  6. Playoff tickets on sale!

    So I think there is something ODD about my playoff tickets that I ordered when they went on sale: Charge Summary Item Charge Tickets ADULT Tickets Total Convenience Charge(s) US $0.00 x 2 US $327.50 x 2 Order Processing Charge US $3.50 TicketFast
  7. GDT: Philly @ DEVILS Dec 16, 2007, 5:00 PM ET

    Great game tonight! This is the first game of the season I have been to that the team WON, it felt AWESOME! By the way, I think I saw you tonight if you are the person in your icon (why wouldn't you be haha)... I think it was somewhere on the concourse before the game. MIke
  8. live from the rock!

    ughhhhh....horrible game! Its so quiet we can hear the players perfectly on the ice and we are in the second to last row. Its such a dissapointment since i havent seen the devils win a game since last season
  9. live from the rock!

    We just sat down for Game 2 for us against Pittsburg. Tonight we did a full walkthrough of the arena, everything looks great. Hung out with the Nj Devil, took a free picture at the verizon booth, met doc while he was walking around, and even saw the proud owner of the devils walking around! Crowds are starting to fill n now......hope they win! Excuse my typing, its still tricky typing on the iPod touch.
  10. live from the rock!

  11. live from the rock!

    2nd period about to start... Good period but we are all waiting for that first goal!!! Hope it comes soon. Puck about to drop.
  12. live from the rock!

    hey!!! I'm at the game in section 215 row 5 .... Warmups just ended!!! My iPod touch is about to die but I will do my best to update. Arena is great.... Very bright and open. Upper level seats feel so close due to steepness.
  13. Who's standing in line for tickets Saturday?

    Originally I was going to head there around noon, but I was able to snatch up $25 tickets the other night. I think that if it does rain, that will make it even more likely you can get a pair if you head there late afternoon. Good luck if you end up going, hope you get tickets!
  14. Rollcall for Saturday Night

    Just got tickets tonight!! Section 215, Row 5!! See you all there!