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  1. GDT: NJ Devils @ NY Islanders + Viewing Party

    Is the microwavepizza stream up for this one?
  2. GDT Devils at Lightning

    Hopefully I find a stream for this one.
  3. GDT: NJ Devils @ NY Islanders

    This is so embarassing
  4. GDT: Edmonton VS New Jersey 7:00 EST SNET-W (HD),MSG PLUS (HD)

    YEAH!!!! Big win, in our situation you take the every point no matter how and no matter who we played against. Hopefully we can build on that this time and don't lose the next 3 again. I LOVED how Tedenby played. The same goes for the Kovy-Trav-Vas line. Our offense seems to click finally. There remain some flaws on defense though. Andy Greene has looked awful for most parts of the game even though he got an assist on Teddys goal. Tallinder on the oher hand had a solid game for once.
  5. The Albany/Trenton Devils Thread

    4:4 after the second period. Providence scored on their pp right at the beginning of the period. Devils answerd right back with Perkovich scoring from a sharp angle and Henrique deflecting a piont shot by Anderson on the PP to make it 4:1. However, Providence scored on the PP again and was dominant from than on. Although Frazee made some big saves Providence tied it with 2 more goals, one of them on the PP again. I don't want to blame the Devils meltdown on the refs but the number of penalties called in this game is ridicoulus. It looks like German hockey if not worse. And the meltdown continued. Albany loses 4:6 after being up 4:1 early in the 2nd. First of all they were killed by their extremely weak PK. Devils killed of only 2 of 6 Providence powerplays. But they never really found a way back into the game since Providence scored their 2nd goal.
  6. The Albany/Trenton Devils Thread

    I'm currently watching the Albany game against Providence on AHL live. After a 4:6 loss to Rochester yesterday the Devils lead 2:0 after the first period. First Palmieri tipped in a beautiful goalmouth pass by McIntyre, than Zharkov scored on the PP out of a scramble in front of the Bruins goal. That PP came after Davison was hit hard into the boards which led to a major penalty and a game misconduct for the Bruins player. Davison was helped to the locker room but returned during the period. Devils are the better team so far. In addition to the goals, Eckford hit the crossbar with a slapshot. Zharkov looks great out there. He's all over the ice almost every shift. Henrique looks also good to me. However, he got a penalty called against him in the last seconds of the period, so the Devils will start the second shorthanded. Tedenby is not in the lineup tonight. It was not said why, but I hope it's just him getting some rest because it's the third game in as many days for Albany.
  7. Devils and NHL Premiere

    Agreed. I would love to see the Devils live in Europe. I think Germany should get a game soon, maybe Berlin!? I would not mind travelling to London, Stockholm, Helsinki or Prague either. But I would be dissappointed if it were Moscow out of all possible cities to host the Devils. Probably the longest inner-European travel from Germany.
  8. Pre-GDT: Devils @ Flyers

    I'm using it for years now and never had any trouble with safety.
  9. Pre-GDT: Devils @ Flyers

    The Kilonet one is usually awesome. You need sopcast for it.
  10. Pre-GDT: Devils @ Flyers

    Streams for the game:!-Sep.-21st-%28Preseason%29 Cannnot wait to see some NHL action finally.
  11. World championship thread

    The cinderella story continues! Germany beats Switzerland 1:0 and advances to the semifinal the first time since 1976! They most likely won't have a chance against Russia, but it is already the best tournament Germany played for ages.
  12. World championship thread

    Hi, another Werder fan here
  13. World championship thread

    Germany wins in OT! Big win!
  14. World championship thread

    The atmosphere sounds indeed awesome. The arena which is normally the home of the soccer club Schalke is one of the loudest in the German soccer league. Team Germany has impressed me so far, hopefully they can keep it up. I expect a much needed boost in popularity for hockey in Germany from this game and the whole tournament.
  15. Game 2 GDT: Flyers @ Devils 7:30 EST

    I just checked the boxscore and saw that Paul Martin had by far the least amount of shorthanded icetime of our defensmen. That confuses me a little because Martin is one of our best penalty killers. Did Lemaire just want to get the freshest d-men out there for the pk (Martin led our defensemen in even strength icetime)? Or does he not trust him enough after his injury to let him play more pk?